What Are The Services Offered By E-commerce Enablers

As mentioned before, an enabler will take care of all the necessary, but tedious parts of your online business, including:

Ecommerce consulting
Transitioning your physical store to an online environment is not a free and easy decision. New or not, there are times when you decide something based on the wrong reasons. A consultant will provide objective and impartial feedback so you can make the right decision.

Product Management
The enabler will have the capacity to manage your entire product including listings and prices. They will also help define various KPIs, run tests for user experience or performance, customers

market research, and the overall professional appearance of your store.

Fulfillment of Shipment Orders
One of the common problems is when the seller selects the wrong item for delivery. Did you know that 21% of consumers leave your store because of a past bad experience with the delivery company you offered? To solve this problem, enablers can leverage their connections or even offer their warehouses.

Extensive knowledge base

An e-commerce enabler breathes one thing: e-commerce. This means you have instant access to a pool of experts, with a wide database range of skills. Compared to having an in-house team where you have to do other tasks such as staff development and business management, agency outsourcing focuses solely on taking your organization to the next level.

Save costs
E-commerce enablers can offer a one-stop-shop solution for your e-commerce needs. They have the tools and equipment to match, if not the best on the market. Not to mention that they are a collection of professionals who know the nooks and crannies of running an ecommerce business.

Increase efficiency
A reputable e-commerce enabler has well-defined and proven operational policies and processes that drive efficiency as you launch your new site or run it.

But of course, there are some drawbacks such as


Lack of managerial control
Expect that you will be working with third parties in a business-to-business arrangement. They are not your employees so you have no control over how they will manage tasks. Yes, you can provide feedback on how you want something done, however, there is no guarantee that they will perform the task the same way you would if it were done by your employees.

Payments, storage fees, data – you may invite BEB Directory third parties to use this information. Potential privacy issues can include product information and strategy. Make sure you clearly state the boundaries between you and the activator.

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