As at the end of each year, web trends for the next year will be of capital importance in the marketing strategy of some companies. What are the trends in terms Oman Email List of UX & UI for 2017? At the end of 2016, web trends for next year have already been identified, companies have anticipated them in order to integrate them into their marketing strategy. Objective: to satisfy ever more demanding consumer Internet users. So… What are the UX & UI trends for 2017? UX design: the user experience. To find out more: Difference between UI and UX Design? Although changes are already planned, the web trends in terms of UX design & UI design that started in 2016 remain relevant and continue for 2017.

Icons have been outdated for some time and for 2017, it’s the end!  Split screens (multi-image) were already talking about them two years ago but they would arrive in force for this new year. This effect consists of dividing the screen into several parts to present different images. With the use of micro-interactions , the user experience is improved because the interfaces are more easily understood. In addition to micro-interactions, the UI motion is added,  which gives light transition effects. The transparency and the superposition of the images, it brings depth and an  airy side to the web interface.

The Appearance Of The Interface

The Internet of Things interface  industry is revolutionizing (and it is only the beginning) our daily life both professionally and personally. It is the  Interaction Designer (IxD) mission   to focus on the user. He designs interfaces by choosing the way they will behave in the dialogue with the user. The rise of the design of I ‘s interface between H A s and the M achine (HMI)  is linked to the success of the connected objects . The storytelling (interactive storytelling)  is still growing. Telling a story allows the company to convey the image it wants (recognized, close, reassuring, accessible) .


This concept, which has already been explored, puts the user back in the center and captures their attention on the website. The use of storytelling is expected to grow for 2017. On the typography side , the goal is always to highlight the text content and bring greater ease of reading to Internet users. This results in an increase in the size of typography on websites. For 2017, web trends continue the path of fluidity and practicality of the trends of 2016 . The main objective is to improve the user experience with easily understandable and visually pleasant interfaces. To find out more about web trends:  What will be the colors of the web in 2017.

Reminder Of Web Trends 2016 Version

The colors of the web change every year as in fashion and in interior decoration. Also, it is important for some companies to follow these new trends and to adapt when communicating on the web! What are the colors of the web for 2017?  Experts in fashion, design, communication, have released their predictions for the colors of 2017 and it will be the year of daring and contrasts. Thus, the color trend would in fact be a continuity of 2016 with atmospheres created mixing vitality, relaxation and large spaces. These brilliant and vivid colors recall nature and what it offers us: water, earth, flora….

WordPress updates are recommended for new features and increased security. How to update WordPress? Updating WordPress allows you to. Correct the bugs of the previous version. Take advantage of new features (for example the new Gutenberg extension for early 2019). Strengthen the security of your website. These 3 reasons are enough to keep your WordPress up to date by making updates when they arise. We have already had the opportunity to talk about the last update of WordPress, version 4.6.1 called ”  Pepper  “. As for many developers it was for me a great joy to see that WordPress continued to evolve, but also a small source of apprehension for the update. Indeed, updating WordPress is highly recommended, so it is impossible to escape it, knowing that many files on your site will be modified.

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