The year 2015 should end with an increase in e-commerce of around 16% compared to 2014. For more than 10 years, FEVAD has been monitoring developments and Yemen Email List growth in e-commerce through studies and indicators. In collaboration with Médiamétrie / NetRatings , it participates in the realization of the barometer of the multichannel purchasing behavior of Internet users. This barometer makes it possible to establish sales forecasts on e-commerce sites for the end of 2015. Christmas e-commerce The e-commerce growth forecast for 2015 During the press conference of November 18, 2015, the FEVAD (Pole of economic studies following the evolution of the market through indicators and studies) , presents the latest results of e-commerce, in the 3rd quarter of 2015:

15.5 billion euros in turnover and a forecast at the end of the year of + 16% compared to 2014 30 million Internet users will buy their Christmas gifts on the Internet E-commerce represents 20% of Distribution turnover ( GfK takes stock of e-commerce in France at the end of September 2015 on household equipment and cultural goods) Fevad: e-commerce growth 2015Sources Fevad: E-commerce growth in the first quarter of 2015 For 2015, the top 15 e-merchants who benefit the most from the growth of online sales: Sources Fevad: The Top 15 e-commerce in third 2015Sources Fevad: The Top 15 e-commerce in third 2015 The share of m-commerce (mobile commerce) The latest study from “Center for Retail Research” indicates that in France 15% of.

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Christmas sales in 2015 were made online and a third of these sales were made via mobile, an increase of + 30% compared to 2014 ! The m-commerce will represent France at 2.8 billion euros at the end of 2015. M-commerce is more present in this Christmas season in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, it is just 407 million euros Christmas 2015. Paypal has analyzed foreign e-commerce sites and the habits of French online buyers and offers us this infographic. infographic-christmas-e-commerce-2015Paypal infographic: Christmas of e-commerce 2015 According to the Ipsos survey (French polling institute offering an online database on opinion and consumption trends) , the French buy online most easily and most often in the following countries:


United Kingdom, 17% The United States, 15% Germany, 14% This phenomenon can be explained for the following reasons: You can find better prices on the sites than on the French sites, You can find items that are not available in France, The discovery of new interesting products. In addition, foreign sites reassure and seduce French consumers by offering: A safe and secure means of payment , A site translated into French, A fast and efficient delivery service, Reliable After-Sales Service. What about physical stores? The French will spend on average 550 € for Christmas (forecast of + 8 € compared to Christmas 2014) , which remains above the European average.

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Overall, Christmas sales will represent sales of 65.9 billion euros in France. The share of the pie will decrease this year for physical stores with a forecast drop of -0.4% in their turnover compared to Christmas 2014. For its part, e-commerce growth will be at least 14% for Christmas in France. Sources: Center for Retail Research Infographic-consumption-2015Consumer infographic 2015 A physical store can stand out and considerably increase its turnover by surfing the waves and offering its products on the web (Web To Store) , hence the interest of having a website  ! Why ? To communicate better, sell better and not lose speed in the face of the exponential growth of e-commerce sites as well as new habits and changes in buyer behavior, they are becoming massively online buyers .

In 2015, the first instinct of the French before buying is to do research on Google. Being present and communicating on the internet has become essential for any commercial enterprise. For all the traders who do not always believe in the potential of online sales, the risk is to stay away from new consumption patterns and see their turnover decline, the share of online sales is still increasing. progress in the years to come. To conclude, The market share of e-commerce and m-commerce in France and around the world continues to grow. The growth of e-commerce still has a bright future, the French are becoming addicted to online sales, they are discovering this other way of consuming, faster, more practical and corresponding to new needs.

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