There are many possibilities that you can test with the new search analysis tool. First of all, it is important to look at the CTR on certain keywords, to discover which pages do or do not match the search intent. For example, if you come across a keyword that is relevant to your business, but has a disappointing CTR, it may be a good idea to adjust your meta tags.

Compare Pages

On the other hand, you can also look at the pages that do have a high CTR. These are the pages that invite you to click through and where the meta tags match the search intent well. For example, compare the meta tags of pages with a high CTR and pages with a low CTR. If you see big Chief VP Compliance Email Lists differences in the formatting, you could test this to see if it results in an improve CTR. By also combining this data with data from analytics, you get a detaile overview of the best performing organic landing pages on your website.

Because the search analysis also clearly indicates when certain updates were implemente from Google (such as the mobile update on April 21), it is also easy to see what effect the update has had. For example, for the latest update, the much-discussed mobile update , you can compare the various metrics and compare between desktop, mobile and tablet. This gives a clear picture of the effects and makes it easy to see how your website performed before and after the update.

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For example, the image below shows that the positions on mobile devices were always relatively constant. After the update on April 21, it can be seen that this line is starting to take on other forms.

In a nutshell, the update search analytics functionality offers a wealth of new capabilities. Not only because of the new filters, but also because of the combinations that you can make yourself. Ultimately, by comparing and filtering, you will arrive at new insights. That can make an important contribution to SEO and strategy. This way you can discover for yourself what your best performing. SEO landing pages worldwide in terms of positions or CTR are with the search analysis tool.

Old report availability

Google is also making the old search report available for the next three months. This makes it possible to get use to the new environment, but also to gain insight into older data. With the new tool it is only possible to use information from the last 90 days.

Have you already discovere the new report within your GWT account? Then share your insights in a comment below.

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