virus protection, air-conditioned room and fire safety. These servers must have a high bandwidth (100 Mbps) to ensure optimal accessibility to your website. Website-hosting How do you know where your website is hosted? When I ask the question: ” Do you know where South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List website is hosted? The most common answers are: I do not know. At foo but I’m not sure. This is stuff that did it for me. Ultimately, few website owners know exactly where their precious data is stored. This ignorance can have significant consequences for your visibility. The most classic case is the outright disappearance of your website due to non-renewal of the hosting service.


Another scenario encountered, web agencies or small hosting providers in liquidation who simply forget to warn their customers. If you don’t have an access code and you don’t know where your site is hosted, it will be very difficult for you to get your website back. hosting-showcase If you’re the one who doesn’t know anything about their hosting, here’s a quick and easy way to collect some basic information. You just need to go here and perform a search with your domain name. This simple search will give you the following information:

Hosting Is The First Building Block Of Your Website

The IP address of your website, DNS servers, The geolocation of the server, Information on the owner of the site and email addresses of all contacts. website & location of the hosting server The different hosting solutions for your website Free accommodation They lend you free disk space on a server to create your web pages. They earn money through: advertising space on your site, or thanks to the traffic on their own site (solution to be retained only for a personal page) . Professional hosts They guarantee a quality service (bandwidth) and security (data security and the assurance of a reduced number of failures) .

Professional hosting is essential in the case of a company or e-commerce site, it is the only way to have your own URL address linked to your domain name. Depending on what you want to host, from a simple web page to a high traffic e-commerce site, the characteristics and therefore the costs associated with your hosting will be very different. The main criteria to take into account to define your accommodation needs are as follows: The current and future quantity of data to be hosted, (available storage space expressed in GB) A good estimate of visitor and user traffic (bandwidth, technical performance) Your need in terms of database, (the number & size of each database) Your database manager, (Mysql, Postgre …) The software you need, (CMS or ERP)

Updated October 6, 2021 What Is Web Hosting?

The operating system you need, (Windows or Linux) Your need in terms of IP addresses, (single IP address or several IP addresses) Your needs in terms of messaging, (number of email addresses and size of each account) … These main criteria and others like the need to have an SSL certificate are essential to check before making your choice. Web-Hosting-Hosting Hosting on a shared server Your website will be in the middle of several thousand other sites on the same server. The main advantage of pooling a server is its cost. Its disadvantage: You are not the administrator of the server, it can be inconvenient if you want a particular technology.

Hosting on a dedicated server or VPS Your site or sites are alone on a rented or purchased server. This solution is ideal for very large sites or many small sites . Its disadvantage lies in its cost, it requires, moreover, skills in server administration. The VPS server (partitioning a server into several independent virtual servers which each have the characteristics of a dedicated server) provides an ideal compromise between the shared server and the 100% dedicated server thanks to virtualization. vps-server To conclude on accommodation

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