The creation and  redesign of a showcase and e-commerce site , technical audits and website positioning audits , natural referencing services (SEO) , writing SEO Indonesia Email List content ( content marketing , inbound marketing ) , paid referencing with the creation and management of Google AdWords campaigns , the creation of Webdesign (UX & UI Design) , the creation of Facebook and Google+ pages and the animation of your social networks … One of the objectives is to support you and meet all your needs in terms of digital communication . In the world of web communication, the term “digital agency”  is not the only one used. You will also find the name  web agency , but also:

On Google, the most commonly used expressions to search for a digital agency are: communication agency, Paris communication agency, digital agency, digital agency and digital agency Paris. She analyzes and advises her client before designing and implementing a communication plan . Also, to benefit from efficient, high-quality web communication that meets your needs, your objectives and your budget, it is preferable to call on digital communication professionals. They specialize in different forms of communication and promotion on the web. A digital communication agency brings together all the skills related to the digital world, this allows you to have a single contact for support in your digital strategy.

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Indeed, to follow the evolution of technologies and uses of the web, digital agencies turn to independent experts in their field to offer you web services with high added value. Some projects require skills. In addition, a digital agency leads your digital projects while respecting your deadlines and your technical and budgetary constraints. Some digital agencies also support you both in your external and internal communication, for example with the creation of an intranet incorporating the visual identity of your company. After having defined what a digital agency is , it is interesting to know the origin and the initial definition of the word digital.


Indeed, the French Academy defines digital as follows: this word comes from the Latin digitalis  meaning “which belongs to the fingers, relates to the finger”. In English, digit means “figure” and digital  “which uses numbers”. The adjective digital  belongs to two different languages ​​and with two different meanings. In French, the most suitable adjective would be digital for everything that appeals to digital in the English sense. So why the term digital is very present in the minds of companies when they evoke communication on the web? The term digital carries a “tactile” dimension, which is therefore suitable for current communication media such as smartphones and tablets.

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This is why digital communication is above all the digitization of information media but also the strategy and communication actions on the web. Also, Philippe Gérard, expert in marketing and digital communication (Cegos, the digital communication blog) presents his point of view on the subject by giving his definition of digital communication.  In a digital ecosystem, the communication strategy and actions to be carried out on the web, social media and mobile devices. A digital agency is an expert in communication on the Internet . As communication on the web is a necessity for any type of business, using a digital agency is strongly recommended to increase your visibility!

An SEO agency is a web agency  or a web marketing agency expert in  natural referencing . The primary objective of an SEO agency is to support you in improving the positioning of your web pages on search engines, with the consequence of increasing your organic traffic and your sales. SEO agencies are not the only ones to offer organic SEO services. Depending on your needs, you can entrust your web referencing to web service providers with the following names. Consultant SEO, expert SEO, consultant Internet, SEO agency, web marketing agency,  Digital agency, natural referencing agency, Traffic manager , SEO manager, web referencing manager,

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