Even if you have nothing to do with it and it’s entirely the SEO agency’s fault (or the Growth Hacker ) who made you take bladders for lanterns. Whether these Dominican Republic Email List SEO errors are your fault or involuntarily invite themselves into your SEO strategy, the deleterious effects will be the same: you will see your positions drop in the search engines and suffer penalties from which it will be difficult to escape. The best is still not to fall into it. And to hunt for these frequent SEO blunders! And generate a more correct bounce rate. Improving your bounce rate will require some technical knowledge as well as the implementation of simple actions.

This document allows you to legally secure your order. And also to inform you about the different steps included in the creation of your WordPress . In addition, you will find the nominal price of each service. So what does the quote for a WordPress site include? How to keep your site alive afterwards? Today, let’s take a look at how to quote your WordPress site. An estimate is a legal document drawn up by a service provider for the attention of a potential customer. This shows the different prices charged at each stage of the delivery . The quote allows the customer to judge the reliability and seriousness of the company he employs. It is a common document, produced before the creation of a contract.

The more content you add

Then there is possibility to add many plug-ins to improve the user experience. Thus, your WordPress is more fluid, optimized and in accordance with Google’s rules. Among the most common quantified services when a WordPress site quote is established, we find. Of course, you can also add many secondary plug-ins such as newsletter installation , translation tools or contact form integration. Once the quote has been accepted and your site created, it will bring it to life. You start by ordering many articles, related to your niche, which allow you to feed your WordPress. Articles have multiple uses. First, they allow you to add content to your Internet space.


The more successfully you will climb in the Google rankings. By positioning yourself on the first pages of the search engine, you will be able to attract more readers and thus turn them into potential customers. The articles then allow you to bring your Web space to life and to offer your current and future customers precise information relating to your business. You also need to request audits very regularly. The purpose of audits is to analyze, item by item, your WordPress. The audit determines whether certain points are overlooked or not.  This makes it easier to improve your online space. The audit also makes it possible to identify the objectives already present.

The latter are also analyzed by the service

Provider and measures are proposed to you to improve the results pointed out. Many other actions are also available to continuously improve your WordPress space. The goal is to attract more and more new visitors. Finally, to help you understand your internet space, training is also available and can be included in your WordPress quote. These trainings allow you to keep an eye on your web space. They give you the keys to understand the different actions implemented to improve your company’s WordPress site. Establishing a quote to create your WordPress site is the first important step in your establishment on the Internet.

The estimate made for the creation of a logo will, for example, bring together all the details concerning the research, the creation or the various revisions . Common commercial approach, often mandatory, the quote does not bind the customer . Indeed, no contract binds the two parties until the estimate is signed . The quote will allow the customer to learn about the prices made by the company . This document also allows the future customer to judge the reliability of his service provider . This support prefigures the contract between the two parties. In addition, the quote also secures the service provider . By clearly indicating the clauses of the contract, he determines the scope and duration of the creation of the logo.

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