This is why the choice of keywords to highlight in your web pages is essential to obtain good SEO . If you have targeted the right keywords and if your editorial Netherlands Email List content is optimized, you will have all the chances of obtaining good positioning for your website. The goal is to get your site on the first page of Google results when a user types a request. For example: if your company needs a commercial brochure or a redesign of your website to better communicate about your activities. You will therefore type “commercial brochure” on Google: search keywords commercial brochureSearch carried out with the keyword commercial brochure.

Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of any  SEO strategy . To learn more about the importance of keywords for a website, we invite you to read: How to choose the right keywords for the SEO of your site? What will be the most typed keywords for 2017? How do you know which keywords will be typed the most by Internet users for 2017? Thanks to Google Trends , you can test keywords related to your activity or your interests to check their trends, up or down. If you do not have time to go to Google Trends, we look forward to seeing you in January 2018 for the most popular keywords of 2017.

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If you have forgotten the highlights of previous years: The image format and its resolution are very important for a communication medium, whether print or web. What is the correct aspect ratio to use? The aspect ratio is different depending on the type of image usage. How do you navigate the image formats and resolutions for the web and for print? Image definition The word image in French comes from the Latin imago (death masks) . The image is a visual or mental representation of an object, a living being, a concept. In geometric optics (branch of optics based on the light ray model) , the image of an object is a real image (place of convergence of rays coming from the same point) or a virtual image (place where the rays come from after passing through an optical system) .


In marketing, brand image is the representation of a business as seen by the consumer. “I call image first the shadows then the reflections that we see in the water, or on the surface of opaque, polished and shiny bodies and all representations of this kind”. Plato, ancient philosopher of classical Greece. The image is made up of a set of points, called ”  pixels  “. The resolution of the image is expressed in DPI (Dots Per Inch) , an English unit of measurement, called PPP in French (dots per inch) and also ”  pixels per inch  “. For example, 300 DPI = 300 columns and 300 rows of pixels per square inch. Resolution is the ratio of the number of pixels in the image to the actual size of its representation on a physical medium, such as a printer or scanner.

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To have a beautiful non-pixelated visual, it is important to respect the requested image format . Also, the standard resolution on the web is 72 dpi or 72 pixels x 72 pixels for a square of 2.54 cm on the side. The standard colorimetry is RGB (Red, Blue, Green) or subtractive synthesis. Subtractive synthesis is a process which consists in combining the absorption of at least three dyes, to obtain all those of a range. additive and subtractive synthesis image format Additive and subtractive synthesis – image format for the web The jpg or jpeg  image format (Joi nt photographic experts group)  is one of the first compressed formats for the web, it is by far the most widespread image format.

It is also recommended for photography, both for the good quality of the photograph after compression and the amplitude of the possible resolutions. It manages millions of colors. The gif (Graphics Interchange Format)  was invented in 1987 by Compuserve for the Apple II. This image format uses a non-destructive compression system. It is encoded in 8 bits, it manages transparency and it is limited to 256 colors. It is a format less and less used (except for the animated gifs, ex: the smileys) . The png  (Portable Network Graphic)  is a format dating from 1996, it is an improved version of the gif, it manages more than 16.7 million colors. Its quality is superior to .gif and transparency is managed. The weight of an image in png format is greater than .jpg.

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