Finding the best keyword for a web page is essential in SEO! It is indeed from this keyword or key expression that your content will be written. What is a good keyword Czechia Business Email List and how do I choose it? In the natural referencing activity , the definition of the keyword is as follows: word or series of words typed or dictated by an Internet user to perform a search on Google. As a web user, when you do research, you type in a keyword phrase consisting of one or more words depending on the results you want from Google. As a publisher or website owner, your goal is to appear  high in Google results when someone types in a key phrase to find you.

Is therefore decisive in order to capture the Internet users who are looking for you. To achieve this, it is essential to know the habits of Internet users in order to find the right keywords. According to a 2016 study by YOODA INSIGHT on Internet users’ search habits, you type an average of 3.5 words per request and requests made up of one word only represent 2.4% of requests. study keyword research google 2016 infographicClick on the image to see the entire infographic of the study on Internet users’ search habits. This study is based on a database of 100 million keywords (key phrases) representing 6.3 billion monthly searches on Google. It makes it possible in particular to highlight the potential of key expressions made up of several words.

Choosing the right keyword

In the search for the right key phrase, you must first and foremost put yourself in the shoes of the Internet user who is looking for your products and services. To find the “right keyword” to promote in the content of a web page, there are many techniques. The first of these is to appeal to your intuition  coupled with knowledge of the habits of your customers. If, however, you have doubts about your intuition, do not hesitate to ask your customers to make sure you are taking the right direction. A mistake in choosing your keywords can be disastrous for your visibility. This first step will allow you to draw up a first list of keywords.


This list should be supplemented with other techniques and tools. The techniques used range from analyzing your competitors’ sites to using keyword generators. These techniques are to be adapted on a case-by-case basis. Tools like YOODA INSIGHT  and SEMrush rely on databases of several million key phrases. They allow you to find new keywords and synonyms in your topic. They also give insight into the competition and potential of each keyword. To conclude, researching the right keywords is an essential step in an SEO strategy . If you neglect this work, you are very likely to be invisible on Google.

Creating the UI is one of the first steps

A successful Web Design must be efficient, clear and efficient at the same time. In addition, the design of a website must generate both envy and confidence in the user in order to offer a good experience. To conclude, an efficient web interface is a perfect synthesis of UI and UX!UI DESIGN kit: what is it? And what is it for? As part of a website creation or redesign project, your web agency can offer you a UI Kit. What is it and what is its role? The creation of a UI kit  can be a step in the graphic creation of a website or a web application. Why your web agency offers it to you and what does it consist of? What is UI and why make it a KIT?

In the website design process. It aims to create a functional and trendy design . The UI is materialized by a mock-up of the home page of your future website, most often produced in Photoshop. Once this first model has been validated, other pages of the site are modeled. In order to save time and reduce the creation budget, a KIT UI or UI KIT can be proposed to avoid mocking all the views of a site, in particular the less strategic views. Indeed, a  UI Kit groups together the graphic elements and certain textual elements of a site or an application. The creation of a UI kit makes it possible to define all the graphic elements that will be used during the creation of the non-mockup views.

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