Marketers sometimes even succeed in arousing different emotions around the same product: With its collectable magnets, on the theme of the continents, Brossard arouses: Curiosity and entertainment for children … The satisfaction of making people happy and the pride of seeing Paraguay Email List their children awaken on the parents’ side. Brossard emotional marketing magnets And your new Marketing Strategy , which main emotion will it arouse? What emotional connections do you want to make with your target ? cover book emotional marketing book p laubignat To find out more, do not hesitate to read All about… Emotional Marketing by Patrice Laubignat. If you want to be visible on Google, putting a website online is not enough … Why do you need an SEO Friendly website?

Friendly characterizes a website which is naturally optimized for search engines. An SEO Friendly website is a site designed to meet the recommendations of search engines. Both in terms of its structure and its contents. To qualify a site as “SEO Friendly” you will also come across the terms SEO ready and  Google Friendly . Why design a Google Friendly website? The answer is simple: to be visible on Google . When you search for a product, service or information on Google, 80% of the time you click a link on the first page of Google results. You are only 20% to visit the second page and few visit the third. Having a site on the first page of Google is essential to attract Internet users .

What Is A Web Editorial Charter And

The web editorial charter: definition The web editorial charter is the reference document for the production of web content intended for the communication of a company. Thanks to the web editorial charter, each company communicator knows what to do. It is both a working document and a reference document: it is an essential guide for your company’s publications, both for print (internal journal, newsletter, etc.)  and for the web ( website, blog…) . “Originally, the editorial charter was intended for the traditional press. It also applies today to the web with a new constraint: web referencing essential for the visibility of the company  (the quality of web content is an important criterion for referencing). This can be a tremendous lever for growth! ” The web editorial charter ensures editorial consistency while respecting the common thread.


She supervises writers by providing them with editorial guidance and writing conventions. It reflects the specificity of your business: The personality of your  brand Editorial consistency The production environment Your strategy ( SEO for the web) What is the difference between an editorial charter and a graphic charter? The editorial and graphic charters are two complementary documents: The graphic charter contains the fundamental rules for using the visual identity of a company or a brand ( logo , typography, pictogram , colors, etc.). It is mainly intended for graphic designers. The web editorial charter contains the rules and conventions relating to the drafting of text content. It is mainly intended for web editors. young female web editor The content of the web editorial charter.

The Web Editorial Charter Helps You

A web editorial charter will be specific to each company, it can be summarized on one page or as thick as an encyclopedia, there is no rule in the matter. The thicker and more exhaustive the editorial charter, the more likely it is to remain in the closet because no one will take the time to read it. It is better to write a concise charter, recalling the rules and the most important points. A web editorial charter must provide answers to the following questions: What are the objectives in terms of communication? What are the strengths of the company to highlight? Who is the target audience? Who will be the target audience? ( persona method ) What type of traffic will be targeted? (direct, organic, social …)

What editorial line? What common thread? (also called thematic red thread, it is the guiding idea that ensures the coherence of the whole) Communication angle The type of information published The frequency of publication Warning: do not confuse editorial charter and editorial line. What style of writing? What writing rules and what tone to use? What will be the level of technicality? Which SEO strategy to adopt? What will the   targeted keywords be ? (generic or long tail keywords ) What will be the internal networking strategy to be implemented? What headings? The choice of the organization of the contents, the definition of a tree structure and the items of the navigation menu (the objective is to allow visitors to access the information they are looking for in an intuitive of the entire offer presented on the website).

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