In a globalized world, standing out from a variety of options or competitors is an everyday task . This applies both to companies and to those who carry out an economic activity on their own, and this is where advertising comes into play .

Although there are various marketing strategies and persuasion UAE Mobile Number techniques, advertising is one of the most used in the world, because it is adaptable to almost any type of business branch , and practically has results for those who want to use it in order to give know the products or services offered.

In order to address this strategy, in Aloha! We will talk to you deeply about what this methodology is , what its types are and a little about its history.

What is the publicity?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it can be as follows:

  • ‍ Quality or public status. 
  • Set of media used to spread or spread the news of things or events.
  • ‍ Dissemination of news or announcements of a commercial nature to attract potential buyers , viewers, users, etc.

In this case, the third definition is the one most closely related to marketing and the one most relevant to this article.

In more detail, advertising is a communication strategy in which the sender pays to broadcast a message within a certain space —called advertising space—, and thus be visible to other people in order to attract attention, cause an impact on them and generate a desired action.

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Generally, said desired action can be to buy a product or service from the person or company that broadcasts the advertising messages, although it is also expected to generate other types of actions, such as supporting social.

Something that is common is that people use marketing as a synonym for advertising and vice versa , when in fact the second is part of the various aspects of the first.

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