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BlogInbound marketing agencySEO5 Main Search Engines: What they are and types. All here 5 Main Search Engines: What they are and types. All hereAuthor Mailclick SEO Leave a commentSearch Engine Article CoverA search engine is a computer program that allows you to search for information on the Internet.These types of tools use complex algorithms to crawl and catalog millions of web pages on the Internet, with the aim of offering relevant and useful results to users.In this way, search engines are essential for anyone who browses the Internet since they allow access to an immense amount of information in a matter of seconds.In addition, they are essential pieces for digital marketing, since they allow companies to reach potential customers through SEO or search engine optimization.INDEX SHOWWhat are the main search engines currently?Today, there are several popular search engines on the market, each with its own characteristics and audiences.

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sre close to 90%, Google is the most used search engine in the world .It offers a wide variety of tools and services for users , from searching for general information to searching for images, videos and news.In addition, the search giant has a very effective advertising platform, Google Ads, which allows advertisers to promote their products to their Phone number data target audiences.2.BingMicrosoft Bing interfaceIt is the second most used search engine in the world and has a 3% market share.Bing is owned by Microsoft and focuses on delivering relevant and accurate search results to users.As if that were not enough, it has some unique features, such as integration with the social media platform LinkedIn .Finally, Microsoft incorporated new functionalities in Bing with Artificial Intelligence as the main character.The most prominent tool is Bing Images Creator, which uses AI to design graphic resources based on text . This thanks to the links with OpenAl and its DALL-E 2 model.3. DuckDuckGo!DuckDuckGo! interfaceLaunched in 2008, it is a tool that promotes user privacy .

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it does not collect searches or personal information.In addition, it uses its own index of web pages and has the “Bangs” function that allows you to search in other search engines directly from DuckDuckGo .4. BaiduBaidu interfaceThis browser of Chinese origin has a 70% market share in the Asian country.Baidu offers a variety of services, from general beb directory information search to video and music search, and also has an effective advertising platform for advertisers.5.YandexYandex interfaceWith a 55% market share in Russia, Yandex is the most used search engine  in that country .The Russian giant offers a wide variety of services, including an online music search system, similar to Spotify.Additionally, it has its own web browser, called Yandex Browser, which is designed to improve users’ search and browsing experience .It provides smart search suggestions, ad blocking, and an intuitive user interface.What types of search engines exist?There are several types of search engines in use today.

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