Data driven marketing has brought about a revolution in the sector: now, companies can make strategic decisions backed by relevant data for the corporation.

But what is data driven marketing? What differences does it provide with respect to traditional marketing campaigns and how to apply it in your business?

We are going to solve all these doubts below!

What Is Data Driven Marketing?

By definition, data driven marketing is a branch that is based on big data to develop marketing Georgia Phone Numbers strategies. It makes sense if we take into account that it means data-driven marketing according to the direct translation of the term in english.

Data driven marketing comes hand in hand with the online world and the massive use of mobile and smart devices by the population.

Thanks to data sources, both their own and those of third parties, companies are able to obtain relevant insights when developing their marketing campaigns and making strategic decisions.

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In this way, companies are able to collect a large amount of relevant information and extract from it structured data on which to objectively base their marketing and sales strategies.

Data Driven Marketing For Companies

Traditional marketing vs. Data driven marketing
until the appearance of big data, traditional marketing campaigns were based on the experience and intuition of those who executed them.

Specialists in the sector and companies were groping at that time when it came to making strategic decisions. And, precisely in the way of defining. These strategies and executing them with greater certainty of. How they will work, is where the great role of big data comes into play.

Thanks to the information collected by companies. Both from their own sources and from third parties, corporations can detect new needs or problems. Market trends or learn about the behavior of their target audience .

And, therefore, they can launch marketing strategies completely. Focused on their target, know what the results have been. Find different insights in. The data collected and improve the customer experience in the future.

it seems clear why more and more companies are basing their strategies on data marketing.

What are the benefits of data driven marketing?
It seems clear that access to information is a competitive advantage. These are the main benefits that data driven marketing brings to companies

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