Of the keys to on-site referencing. This SEO lever makes navigation smoother and boosts the positioning of the site. It designates the instructions and the associated Chile Email List agreement of a publisher to a printer to design a work and including the illustrations. If you need to have communication materials printed without calling on a communication agency or a graphic arts professional, do not neglect the Bon à Tir stage in order to avoid major disappointments. Often neglected in favor of netlinking , internal networking is nevertheless one of the essential components of natural referencing. Especially if your website has a large number of pages!

By dint of focusing on netlinking and its derivatives ( linkbaiting , link building ), we would almost forget a component of SEO: internal networking , or the need to organize the pages of a website through a solid network of links and anchors. This component is however crucial, since it improves the navigation of Internet users while impacting your natural referencing . Explanations. Your website is not a frozen whole: even the simplest of sites is made up of several independent pages. These can communicate with each other using hypertext links which, instead of referring to other sites (external links), allow the pages to be associated with each other.

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Search engine robots move between pages by surfing the links, so that a well-organized mesh allows them to visit and index all of your pages. This operation also affects the Ranking of your pages: by linking a very popular page to a page that is less popular, you transfer a little SEO juice from the first to the second. This helps to make your deep pages exist, especially in the context of a silo architecture . These are the two most notable benefits of internal meshing . There are others: internal links decrease the bounce rate (visitors are encouraged to spend more time on the site). They help bring old content to life.


They also help to establish your expertise in your field of activity through the deployment of a semantic cocoon . Precisely, the semantic cocoon is one of the most interesting applications of the internal mesh , together with another notion: siloing , or the implementation of a silo architecture . The two expressions are too often used as synonyms. However, although they are based on a common observation (a site evoking several themes or presenting several products must prioritize its information), these two concepts differ in their philosophy. The silo is a technique of keyword segmentation into as many themes as necessary . The silo pages are then distributed over three levels:

Internal networking boosts your natural

The 2018 web design tends towards originality, exclusivity and simplicity: the Internet user must easily find information without having the impression of participating in a treasure hunt! The minimalist style is clearly no longer the strong trend of the moment and gives way to the return of icons and various geometric shapes. Therefore, Material Design  continues to be used for 2018 despite its minimalist approach. This continuity of Flat Design adds geometric shapes, shadows and movement. As a reminder, the concept of Material Design created by Google aims to facilitate the use of Android applications to make them more intuitive, simpler and more refined.

In fact, Material Design combines both the principles of successful design in addition to technological innovation. In addition, compliance with all these recommendations guarantees an intuitive interface. The use of animations based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics for the web) and videos on websites is a trend that is confirmed for the year 2018. Indeed, the videos and animations make it possible to capture the attention of the visitor by playing on his emotions while encouraging him to stay on the site. However, be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the website will be too heavy and therefore slow to load. The responsive design is of course a must for 2018, the websites must be the most flexible and the most fluid possible.

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