Do you know about link building? It is an essential lever to give volume to your natural referencing and improve the positioning of your pages in the results of Croatian Email List search engines! If you wish to be supported in your compliance, do not hesitate to contact us. When we talk about natural referencing, we distinguish between two types of SEO  : on the one hand, everything that consists of working on the page itself (on-site). On the other, the efforts to be made to boost the site’s ranking by activating more global levers (off-site). Link building is precisely one of these off-site levers . And undoubtedly the most important!

To boost your SEO, a link integrated into your link building must meet several criteria: come from a high ranking site whose content is related to themes, point from a page containing few other links (to keep as much SEO juice as possible) ), come from different sites, be in do follow , etc. For example, you can build your netlinking passively, by offering high added value content capable of encouraging webmasters and stakeholders on various sites to themselves insert backlinks pointing to your pages. We also speak of “link baiting”. With this method, you don’t ask anyone for anything – but the results are hard to come by.

Directly soliciting the managers of

The websites that interest you to ask them to publish a backlink (often against hard cash). Publishing content yourself with the valuable links on the desired sites. Practicing link exchange: a backlink for the site, a backlink for you (the “win-win” SEO version!). Opting for buying links. A practice frowned upon by Google and which implies paying close attention to the sites concerned. One last point: if you practice link building, check your backlinks from time to time. To ensure their quality and relevance. Unwanted links could make you angry with Google! In short, you cannot do without link building as part of your SEO strategy. But you still have to build your web of links with caution and rigor!


Do you need a sales brochure and don’t know where to start? The first step is to make a creative brief. Before calling on an agency to produce your sales brochure, it is advisable to provide a brief on your project . Also called a briefing, a brief is as important for you as a client as for the agency to which you will entrust the creation of your brochure. Before answering the question “Why a brief for your sales brochure?” ” , Let us recall the interest of a commercial brochure for a company. Indeed, the co brochure, also called company brochure , remains an essential communication medium for the majority of companies.

This commercial document allows

You to both strengthen your image, while communicating about your activities and your services. Some brochures can only be used for the duration of a trade fair, while others will be widely distributed for several years to gain new customers. Each brochure having distinct targets and objectives, it is essential to build your specifications in order to produce an effective sales brochure that meets your expectations! The production of a commercial brochure is an investment in time and resources . It has an average lifespan of about 2 to 3 years to be amortized. It will then evolve to follow the life of your business, with, for example:

A brochure must also be visually impactful and attractive while being pleasant to read so that your “target” easily remembers the message conveyed. In this regard, one of the most common mistakes is to confuse a brochure with a catalog; a creative brief, for example, avoids this pitfall. The creative briefing is essential for the client and for the graphic designer tasked with creating the design of your commercial brochure. This brief saves time by taking the right direction to offer you a sales brochure corresponding to your wishes and meeting the objectives set. A creative brief provides answers to a series of questions to define the directions to be taken. It must include the following information:

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