Wishing to develop the sales of its products or services. In the 1980s, it went global and Japan Email List supported the dissemination of information by television and radio. It extends to products and services sold to organizations. Since the 2000s, its methods have continued to evolve and new areas have been explored, in particular with the rise of the “digital natives” generation and the worldwide success of companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon,… It was also in the 2000s that Web Marketing  (or  e-marketing ) emerged  . Since 2004, he has been both participatory and social, interacting with consumers via social networks. The Internet is used in a participatory marketing logic: the client / consumer is involved in the development and evolution of the product.

He may, for example, be asked to choose a new logo or a slogan. The participatory marketing is also called collaborative marketing . marketing applied tools to strategiesMarketing applied from tools to strategies – Authors: Abderrazak Benyahia and Michel Perrin – Hachette. It evolves and specializes according to the areas of marketing. This specialization allows, among other things, to develop new sales techniques . It is concretization by action which must be constantly adapted to the evolution of trade and to changes in the market. BtoC or BtoB marketing connects a business to the wants and needs of its customers. Marketing techniques and strategies are used depending on the target and the objective.

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It concerns business-to-business activities. An organization can have a B to B or B to C branch and carry out its activities in both branches. The communication is “one of the key pieces of the puzzle” of marketing. The quality of a company’s communication directly impacts the sales of its products and services. It aims to develop a personalized and friendly relationship with the consumer customer in order to retain them. This relationship is built through dialogue between the brand and the consumer. It is the set of approaches aimed at establishing a personalized and measurable contact between the company and its prospects according to certain criteria.


This approach combines a set of techniques and means of communication set up in the company’s action plan. The objective is to induce the creation or change of purchasing or consumption behavior among the targeted targets. The growth hacking is an unconventional marketing strategy, sometimes at the limit of legality. It rapidly generates the growth of a base of captive Internet users thanks to the combination of virality and the creation of habits among Internet users. It is all the means aimed at promoting an offer using internet technologies (web marketing, natural referencing, SEO , SEA, AdWords campaign ) .

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The emotional marketing seeks to make a connection between your product and the emotions it will get on your customers. Conversely, pragmatic marketing will focus on promoting your product for its appearance, useful, practical, aesthetic, …The permission marketing is a technique where the authorization of the targeted people is required before they send an advertisement. He joins another marketing term, Opt In (optional membership) . One of the levers of permission marketing is to turn strangers into friends, then friends into consumers. The content marketing is an information content production strategy, it aims to promote the history, identity and values of the company and its brand.

Content marketing helps deliver informative, relevant and interesting content to a targeted audience. The inbound marketing is a technique that aims to bring the client to itself rather than to go canvassing. This new approach helps bridge the gap between consumer behavior and business tactics. It consists of segmenting the market based on the homogeneity of an ethnic background of consumers. Thus, the products offered are adapted to the physical and cultural characteristics of the target. It is the cartographic representation and analysis of socio-demographic, behavioral, economic data of one or more populations of a territory.

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