What is Meta Description? Create great searchable descriptions for SEO

Search engines show the meta description when it is highly relevant to what the user is searching for otherwise the search engine can select text from the page and create a dynamic search description. Although meta descriptions do not have a direct impact on rankings, they are still a very important element of OnPage SEO.and why they’re still important for SEO.Meta description is a special HTML tag placed at the top of the web page and it has a format like this.

Meta Description and SEO

Before getting into the guide on how to write good meta descriptions, it is necessary to understand what the WhatsApp Number relationship between meta descriptions and SEO is. It should be noted that from a theoretical standpoint, optimizing meta descriptions is part of OnPage SEO , one of the main pillars of Search Engine Marketing. Meta Description does not directly affect rankings The first thing to be clear is that meta descriptions do not have a direct impact on rankings. 

How to optimize Meta Description

You can follow the simple rules below to optimize your meta descriptions: First, make sure they are the right length. Don’t make your description too short or too long. Aim for it to be around 160-200 characters. Second, use the BEB directory Performance Report available in the new  version of Google Search Console and find pages with low CTR (click-through rate). Sign in to your new Google Search Console Click PERFORMANCE to view the Performance Report. CTR performance in Google Search Console CTR performance in Google Search Console Click AVERAGE CTR to see the click-through rate of your pages. Click AVERAGE POSITION to see those pages’ average ranking in search. 

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