Are detailed and fixed in a document called “ graphic charter ” (corporate identity code). The primary objective of this graphic charter is the most faithful version Slovenia Email List of the visual identity on all of a company’s communication media (website, email signature, product packaging, sign, company vehicles, writing paper , business cards , flyers, leaflets, sales brochures, etc.). visual identity Good to know: a visual identity is considered as an intangible asset, the cost of which can be amortized over several years from an accounting point of view. The challenge of a visual identity is therefore to promote your company’s brand thanks to a set of invariant points:

The logo The logo is the founding element of a visual identity . It must be evocative, timeless and adaptable. It must also be visible, understandable and easily remembered. Just as it should be usable in color, grayscale or black and white and in all sizes. The typography It is used for the logo, for the text content of all official documents and all other information. Colors The choice of colors is very important. Using a chromatic palette allows you to keep a colorful harmony for your communication (possibly with reference colors, such as green as an accent color or category) . Forms and signs Signs and shapes are essential points of recognition. Precise shapes are recommended.

What Are Its Objectives ?

If we take the example of an arrow, it is advisable to always use the same one to maintain graphic consistency. Layout It is important for all types of documents. What is the added value of a visual identity for your company? These different points forge the image of the company and transmit its values, vision and activity. The visual identity is based on the logo and the graphic charter which establishes rules governing the use of communication points: layout, colors, shapes … It is the consistency between all the products of a brand that allows to it to exist.


The visual identity is assimilated to the complete universe of the company and its transmission is done through each medium of the company. As a complete universe, the visual identity can exist without the logo although it is fundamentally attached to it. If the logo uses a screen, for example, a shop bag can use this screen element without using the entire logo. Promoting a business is obviously the stake of a successful visual identity which is a communication strategy allowing: To attract and retain the customer’s attention, to establish the reputation of the company, to confirm credibility with commercial or institutional partners. In short, The visual identity serves as a benchmark for all commercial, diplomatic and other exchanges.

What Is Inbound Marketing

It must be easily recognizable, therefore identifiable as being that of the company. It must also be perceived as a striking image in the mind of the public so that they will remember it and attribute it systematically to the company concerned. This is how the popularity and notoriety of it develops. Writing web content is a prerequisite for communicating on the Internet. Why is it important to have quality editorial content? The web content writing must follow certain rules to the website of your business to be visible on Google. You can indeed improve the natural referencing of your website thanks to quality content optimized for the web.

But what is web content writing and what is its added value in the visibility of your business on the Internet? What is web content writing? Writing web content concerns all types of content for the web. The rules of writing differ from those of the written press. Content written for the web must meet the requirements of search engines, its writing must be: Concise, Quickly understandable, Dynamic, Interactive with comments and hyperlinks. The message conveyed by the web content can be: Institutional, Commercial, Informative… Writing web content can be intended for: A website, a blog article, A newsletter,

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