The canonical tag is placed in the source code of your web page to indicate to search engines a “canonical” URL in a set of pages with identical content. Here’s what you Cayman Islands Email Addresses need to know about this canonical tag, and how to set it up. Avoid duplicate content by telling search engines which page is the original? This is what the canonical tag does. Search engines hate plagiarism … even when it concerns the same website! Duplicate content on several pages within your own website could lead to penalties: poor positioning, or worse, a complete absence of all the pages concerned in the search engine results! Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to avoid this: the canonical tag .

Behind this strange canonical tag name hides a simple html tag, just like the Hn titles or the meta description . But this one has a very particular reason for being: it indicates to the robots of the search engines that your web page is the only one, the only one… In short, that it is indeed the canonical URL to be considered in a set of pages. This, in case one or more other identical page (s) exist on your site. In short, the canonical tag is similar to an indicator panel intended to avoid the consequences (harmful for your website) of duplicate content. It points to the default version of a set of pages that are too close, or even completely identical, created intentionally or by mistake (for example during a URL modification).

The duplicate content

Is to say the multiplication of identical or almost identical content, is not enjoyed by Google. Even if these contents are all hosted on the same website, they risk creating confusion among crawler robots, who then no longer know which Saint to turn to. The canonical beacon helps them to find their way easily. The canonical URL points to pages that count in search results, at the expense of others whose content is too close. For example, if your site contains several versions of the same page (created over the course of updates), you designate the one that should be retained by search engine robots, and displayed in the SERPs. The others will simply be ignored.


For this reason, the scope of application of web marketing, or e-marketing as it is sometimes called, is constantly changing, forcing marketers to adapt their methods.The need for a digital transformation of marketing stems from the digitization of society and the economy. While more than half of the world’s population has access to the web, much of the research for information (including and especially for the purpose of making a purchase) goes through this medium. In France, users spend an average of 4:48 a day on the Internet, including 1:22 on a social network. They are also 64% to prefer to carry out tasks on digital supports when possible (source: Hootsuite ).

Proposing a definition of digital marketing is good

Under these conditions, it is essential for companies to have digital means of communication: it is a sine qua non for reaching their prospects and customers, increasing their customer base and gaining market share. The definition of digital marketing alone is not enough. To fully understand what it is, it is essential to take into account all the areas covered by this expression, namely. In each of these areas, methods, tools and trends are regularly incorporated into digital marketing. We can cite the use of user data, marketing automation, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence (in particular machine learning), etc. So many new bricks that come to swell the definition of digital marketing.

But understanding what it is exactly for is even better! Concretely, webmarketing relies on all digital communication channels in order to improve customer relations within companies, in order to simplify the work of salespeople and make brands known. This overall goal is broken down into 4 more specific objectives: Retain satisfied customers and turn them into ambassadors (so that they can talk about the brand around them); Increase the notoriety of the company and take care of its e-reputation. To achieve these goals, it is important to use the channels and methods of digital marketing. Calling on a specialized agency is the guarantee of being able to deploy a truly relevant strategy.

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