Aerospace in April 2014 with very similar ambitions. by the end of the year. most remote areas of the world. | Facebook photo credits Presentation of the Aquila drone Aquila is the Latin ororine of the word eagles Aquila runs on solar Congo Email List energy It is able to fly for 3 months at altitudes between 18,000 to 27,000 meters Its signal will spray an area 50 kilometers in diameter The wing of the drone is entirely made of carbon fiber Its wingspan comparable to that of a Boeing 737 (28 meters) Its weight is around 450 kilos Aquila drones communicate with each other with lasers with a speed of 10 Gbps developed at the Connectivity Lab Boeing-737-aquila-droeBoeing 737 VS Aquila drone | Facebook photo credits The origins of the drone “A drone or.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without passengers or pilots that can fly autonomously or be controlled remotely from the ground. The drone officially debuted in the military in 1977, with the signing of a contract between the IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries, an aircraft manufacturing company) and the Ministry of Defense. The drones named Scout are used for the first time in 1982, during the war in Lebanon. International sales of drones took off during the Gulf War in 1991. IAI inaugurated its best-selling drone Heron 1 in 1994: 18 customers spread around the world and 150 units sold for a variable selling price depending on the options from $ 20 to $ 50 million.

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DRONE HERON 1Heron drone In 2008, IAI’s direct competitor, Elbit Systems, provided 85% of the Israeli Air Force’s equipment with tactical drones, the Hermès 450. The sale of drones in the army market continues to grow. grow, especially since the number of missions carried out by unmanned aircraft costs much less than that of combat aircraft with pilots. Gradually, drones are entering the civilian market and will revolutionize some areas of activity. The presence of drones in the sky is expected to increase by 50 to 80% in the coming decades. The drone is more and more efficient and can be smaller and smaller. The butterfly drone “Butterfly”, weighs less than twenty grams,


It was developed by Dubi Benyamini, an engineer of IAI, specialized in micro-robotics and president of the Israeli society of lepidoptera. The uses of the drone in France Currently, the drone can steer remotely, by remote control or by smartphone. The drone is broken down into three main families: Military drones, They monitor sensitive areas and intervene in certain conflicts. Professional drones, Mainly used by filmmakers, photographers, farmers, industrialists, … Dormitory drones, They are used by amateurs, for personal use or for competitions. School-drone-pilotRemote control in Noyon in the Oise Photo credits – School drone You do not need special authorization to fly one, if it is a recreational drone . However, some rules of good conduct should be adopted, such as:

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Do not fly it in an urban area (area populated by people or pets) , in a park, in the street, on the beach, etc. drones must avoid sensitive areas of airspace (airports, areas prohibited from overflight by the government). The website identifies these areas and transmits the information via an application. it must fly at a height of less than 150 meters and always remain in the pilot’s field of vision. the drone must be flown within sight of the pilot. To go further: The rules for using a recreational drone . It is also possible to program autonomous flights using applications provided by the manufacturers (DJI GO, Flight Plan parrot, etc.). If you want to use a civilian drone to take pictures in a professional setting, you must have at least a theoretical aeronautical license and a DNC.

In France, to be declared professional and be able to market shots with a drone, the theoretical license is not enough, it simply allows you to file a MAP with the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) to then make requests with the prefectures. This license is obtained at the end of a training given in a remote piloting training center . To conclude, From Internet access for everyone to crop monitoring and parcel delivery, the drone revolution is underway. This flying robot, equipped with exclusive and innovative technologies, is not about to stop! A backlink is an inbound link to your website, how to increase your popularity with backlinks?

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