It’s up to you to choose the right one according to your position and your expectations. On the Internet, hackers are everywhere. They often take advantage of public Armenia Email List connections to be able to access your data. The banking sites or the messaging applications used allow them to identify important and compromising information. Le VPN offers protection against this cybercrime . Whether it’s during a trip or from home, unblocking the geographic restriction can be interesting in several ways. When traveling, connecting to the hotel network exposes you to certain risks. As we recalled previously, public networks are the preferred target of hackers. There is also another reason to take a VPN while traveling.

Indeed, thanks to it, it is possible to bypass the various restrictions imposed by the country. Some countries prohibit access to social networks . This is particularly the case for: On another note, still from abroad, you may want to connect to your Netflix account or reach French television channels via Molotov for example. Thanks to the VPN, it is still possible. When you configure your connection preferences, all you have to do is choose a virtual server in Paris. Thus, the application thinks that you are in France and allows you to access its services. Finally, in the opposite situation, you can connect to VOD services offering you a completely different catalog. Indeed, video on demand services do not all offer the same content.

Thanks to the use of a VPN

However,  connecting in the target country and enjoying the contents there is no problem. Free VPNs seem attractive at first glance. However, the latter are not really advisable. This is because free VPNs hide your IP, but collect your data and are likely to use your information. In addition, these do not work perfectly well abroad. They are often spotted and blocked, not allowing you to fully utilize the capabilities of the service. In other words, their ability to protect you is very limited. Paid VPN services are more numerous and above all, more reliable. Among the most famous, we can find in particular.  Other services are offered directly by your anti-virus application. This is particularly the case for Avast and Kaspersky.

Trivial but which nevertheless allows you to maximize the performance of your computer on a daily basis. In this article, we give you the method to adopt to clear your Google Chrome browser cache . Whether traveling or for entertainment, it is always pleasant to enjoy almost complete anonymity on the web. Almost bordering on a ridiculous price, it is interesting to be able to connect without fear of any data theft. So you can surf the Internet in complete peace of mind without worrying about the risks involved in visiting certain sites. Whatever your internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, etc.), the cache system promotes the loading speed of websites you have previously visited.

It is an initiative which may seem

In other words, the navigation system stores files from the site so that they no longer have to be downloaded on subsequent visits. This is ideal for frequent visits to your favorite web pages. But beware, this system is not without risks . The cache memory is a memory that stores all the information most requested by the software and various applications that you use on your pc. While it helps land on frequently visited pages faster, it can quickly turn out to be harmful when overloaded with data. Therefore, clearing your Google Chrome browser cache avoids the use of previous forms, helping the user to protect their private information. That is to say those sent to Google Chrome as part of its cookies and internet searches.

Emptying the cache also greatly facilitates the action of the various software and functions present on the computer. Whenever you visit a website, be aware that Google Chrome stores data in memory . Among the latter, there is information relating to the hosting of the site for example, or the files requested to launch an online application, or the various downloaded files and old versions of forms. As such, following an update, Google Chrome continues in some cases to use these previous files. If you do not delete the cache, you run the risk of stumbling upon these forms each time which are no longer up to date and which cause display problems when you execute a request on the web.

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