The links in the comments of the forums (spamCo or comment spam) , Massive and automated link creation using SEO software, Keyword stuffing within internal Qatar Email List or outgoing links, Buying a domain name with a high PageRank only for the purpose of creating dofollow backlinks, The creation of  poor quality backlinks with optimized anchors “stuffed” with keywords, Excessive exchanges of “artificial links”: Google prefers natural links. To conclude, the integration of Penguin at the heart of Google’s algorithm will have no impact for SEO Friendly sites . If, on the other hand, your site does not comply with Google’s guidelines, contact us, we have solutions for you.

To finish convincing you of the benefits of a successful SEO strategy , we will take as an example a targeted, worked, optimized and finally well positioned keyword:   “website redesign” entered in the Google search engine. Our agency appears in first position just after two advertisers (average value per click on AdWords for website redesign: € 5.05)  . With about 120 clicks per month on this single keyword, the investment made in the SEO of our site is very profitable in the long term. google search result website redesign -anthedesign Capture of Google search results on keyword website redesign In practice, a company that needs to overhaul its website will:

Is As Important As Its Visual Design

This SEO work, reinforced by communication on social networks, has made it possible to increase the traffic on the website over time, resulting in increasingly frequent requests for quotes. These results are also visible on a daily basis via the audience analysis on Google Analytics , the audience analysis is supplemented by regular positioning audits. Google natural referencing 6Audience of the Anthe Design website: Analytics capture for the month of November 2020 After a few years we have something to smile about, be motivated and keep the enthusiasm to continue the referencing of our site and support our clients in their natural referencing strategy.


How to write the content of a commercial brochure? The commercial brochure is one of the essential communication tools for your business. Good text content for your sales brochure is essential in order to effectively convey your message to the target audience. Reminder on the objective of the commercial brochure Before tackling the text content for your  sales brochure , a little reminder of its purpose. The sales brochure must be visually appealing, well structured and well written to convey a specific message. It must be unique and differentiate itself from your competitors’ sales brochures. ” text content for the sales brochure The commercial brochure must reinforce the image of your company and its marketing message . It must promote your business, your products and services thanks to the message conveyed by:

The Text Content For Your Sales Brochure

Information to be highlighted, The layout of the text content and visuals (images, photos, perspectives) . What text content for your sales brochure? Write the text content of a commercial brochure and different from web writing  in terms of the writing style and formatting. Before you start writing, be sure of the type of sales brochure you want: Presentation brochure, Promotional brochure, Tourist brochure , Institutional brochure , Product brochure, … For the text content of your sales brochure, don’t forget to include the essential information about your business: The phone number, email address and website address, The services and products you offer and their strengths, Mandatory legal information for certain activities.

The text content must be adapted: To your business, your activity, For the purpose of the commercial brochure, To the message you want to convey, To the defined customer target, In the format and number of pages of the brochure. The graphic designer then intervenes for the graphic creation and the layout. It is indeed preferable to start the graphic creation once all the text content is written to obtain a harmonious and qualitative result. The text content and the visual design of the sales brochure must mark the mind of its reader and make him react. Promocean commercial brochure cover Some tips before writing your sales brochure 1. Define the goals and target by asking yourself the following questions: What will the commercial brochure be used for?

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