The CDN allows you to download the resources that are cached, it downloads at the same time the Nepal Email List elements that are not stored (according to your configuration) via the origin server , all simultaneously. However, if you do not use a CDN, the visitor (via his browser) will have to download the resources one by one (or two by two, three by three, depending on the capacities of your server). It necessarily takes longer. To use an analogy, it’s as if without CDN you only have one cash register in your store, and with CDN you have two. Queues will be shorter and the average waiting time per customer will be lower.

It is for all these reasons that high traffic sites use several CDNs, even using one CDN per type of resource (all style sheets on CDN A, scripts on B, images on C, etc…). Thanks to this principle, the visitor will be able to download all these resources simultaneously thanks to the bandwidth available on each server (the origin server and the CDNs) . If you want to get an excellent load time , you will have to optimize your architecture, the CDN will not be able to do everything for you . For example, a common mistake is to concatenate the same types of resources into one large file.

What Is His Role ?

At first glance, it is logical to think that this will improve the loading time by reducing requests sent to the server. However, it is always easier for a browser to download 3 small files rather than a large file. Why ? Quite simply because if there is enough bandwidth, it will be able to download all 3 simultaneously, so in less time. It is therefore a fair balance to be found by carrying out several tests to obtain the best compromise. Many other configurations are possible and each site is different, we advise you to use a web agency for an audit and / or possibly an optimization service. To conclude, setting up a CDN is an excellent way to boost the performance of your website.


The creative brief is essential upstream of any communication project, whether web or print. What is a creative briefing and what is its role? It is also an efficient way to respond to the latest changes in Google algorithms (core web vitals) and to be present in the Mobile First Index . The term ”  creative brief  ” diminutive of ” creative briefing “, is originally an English word coming again from the military universe! Indeed, “to brief” has for definition: to give or provide instructions, to give directives. The brief also designates an information meeting. The world of communication has taken it up and uses the term “creative briefing” but also ”  specifications  ” to border a creative project between the two parties. The creative brief allows a better definition of the project and better framing for both the client and the service provider.

What Is A Creative Brief?

Keywords are essential for a search on the web and we type them every day. What were the most typed keywords on the web in 2016? The keywords most frequently typed by Internet users on search engines change according to the news, a successful film, the release of a new game, etc. At the beginning of each year, Google traces us the previous year through the keywords we use for our searches. For 2016, keywords broke search records . Also, Google provides a tool, called Google Trends, which  allows you to: Know the frequency with which a keyword has been typed in the Google search engine,

View data by country, language and category. Keyword trends for 2016 Below are the most typed keywords in France in 2016. And here is the list of the most typed keywords on the web for 2016 in France. If you want, you can also have the results of the keywords most frequently typed by Internet users around the world by going to  Google Trends . Also find the video footage produced by Google to retrace the year 2016. The key word, which can also be written as “key word” or “key word” or even “key word” is a word or a group of words having a high importance. It characterizes the content of a document and allows a rapid search on search engines.

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