Game Freaks (the studio behind the other games) , and Creatures Inc, specialist in cards (Nintendo also owns around 10% of the capital of Creatures Inc). About 30% of the revenue generated by Saudi Arabia Email List GO is recovered by the application stores that offer the game (the App Store for , and the Play Store for Android phones) . Apple should profit from the success of the game as its users traditionally spend more on apps. Google must also recover a certain amount via its investment in Niantic… In short, a complex financial arrangement… Source: Le Pokémon Go is free to download, but the app is full of upgrades and paid options. John Hanke is stepping up a gear and announced in an interview with the.

Financial Times, the upcoming introduction of Sponsored Placements. The Pokémon Go app has surpassed the 100 million downloads mark since its release and has reportedly generated over $ 200 million in revenue through  micropayments (roughly $ 10,000 per minute on average) . Source: SensorTower ( Platform helping application developers by providing them with modules to monitor and improve the ranking of their applications).  Micropayment or micro transaction is a payment service allowing the purchase of services of low unit value. This system avoids the use of more expensive systems, such as bank cards and it is accessible to all types of users, especially teenagers.

It Is A Sign Of The Presence Of A Wild

Source: Wikipedia The Go application would bring in around 1.4 million euros per day thanks to purchases made in the application. How to play Go? After downloading the application to your Smartphone and once logged in, the character you are playing is located in real space via Google Maps. (GPS tracks your steps and activates interactions on the screen) . The reality is augmented and the are superimposed on your real environment thanks to the camera of your Smartphone. The player would believe it, the is part of his daily life. The player takes on the role of a trainer , who hunts, raises and makes his creatures fight against those of other trainers.


The are points of interest located in neighborhoods that must be enabled to collect objects. When the player uses the items, he increases his level. After level 5, the player can go to the arenas indicated on a map and have their fight against those of other players. card The goal is to get new points and become the champion. He will be able to join one of the three teams proposed when he first enters the arena:  As proof, an anecdote Tuesday July 19, on the way to work, a young suddenly fell into a hole probably resulting from the many projects currently underway in . It appears that she was consulting her cell phone at the time of the fall, a to play Go according to the information provided to us.

It Is Saved In The Pokedex

The Intuition team (yellow), The Wisdom team (blue), The Bravery team (red). pokemon go team The fact of evolving in the game allows to make real encounters. The game associates players located in the same geographical area, to encircle the supply points and arenas located everywhere. pokemo go A first big Pokémon hunt was to take place in France on July 14 in the streets of Paris with thousands of participants planned. The Prefecture contacted the organizers to cancel this event and the announcement was broadcast via YouTube. Source: Le Bon Lien, Hff Post. How does Pokémon Go place its Pokémon anywhere?

According to a computer engineer and ex participant of the Pokémon World Championships named Raphaël Candelaresi, the following hypothesis would be plausible to explain how Pokémon Go places its creatures around the world: 1. Maps on Google are loaded with information. Niantic’s algorithm must be able to recognize spaces based on their colors, such as: Green for gardens, Blue for water points, 2. Indexed data is associated by Google Maps for all places included on the map. 3. There is a combination with reference keywords that would allow placing a Pokémon depending on the type of location. Example: a Soporifik (red and leaf green Pokémon, it evolves into a Hypnomad) at each occurrence of the word ‘bank’. The distribution of Pokémon is automated and this explains some misses.

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