Quality of potential customers: Google nalytics gives you the opportunity to understand what content formats are right for your audience and turn them into conversions . That is, you can visit Conversions Goals  Funnel Visualization to track the quality of your leads. Lead quality Tools to measure content virality Now that you know what content marketing metrics to track, let’s focus on some powerful tools that will help you track your content virality . Social media monitoring tools such as New Zealand Phone Number Talkwalker. Lets you set keywords to track and notify you when someone uses them . That way, you’ll stay on top of social media mentions, track user sentiment , and see how many people are talking about you.

How Website Seals Secure Your Website

Research shows that happy content is shared more than negative content. So instead of a traditional critical approach to industry issues, they are observed and analyzed through an improved lens. Let’s take an example of a great video made by Care to Click. Namely, it first discusses many of the problems in the world that displease users and make them feel bad. Then, take a more proactive approach andexplain potential solutions to these problems. It shows hope and inspires our enthusiasm and desire to act. Color also plays an important role in evoking emotions in users.

New Zealand Phone Number
New Zealand Phone Number

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Website Marketing Company

Each color has its own personality and evokes certain emotions in the user. For example, orange is youthful, yellow is happy, blue is trustworthy, pink is feminine, and red is passionate. Whether you’re creating videos, articles, or animations you should research color psychology before investing in content design. Interesting Read: 7 Content Marketing Strategies for Millennials Measure the virality of content In content marketing, you need to track the performance of your ad campaigns. The idea is not just to measure how many people share your posts on social networks or link back to them, but to understand how your strategy affects your content distribution channels and ultimately your bottom line.

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