Hello, SEO I’m just starting to have some basic knowledge.I do SEO for a startup car rental company. I thought I should start with off -page SEO rather than on -page and started trying to get backlinks. But Bahamas Phone Number because the company is a startup, they have limits on service. I was stuck and didn’t know how to go any further. Would you please give me a strategic plan to follow? I tried to register the site on some website submission forum. I tried to set up a resource link but there weren’t many resource. Pages for car rentals I tried building Bahamas Phone Number broken links but. The competitors are really big compared to the startup. And therefore have a dedicated page for them on the referring site. The only way it might work now is with HARO.

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Equation, that’s not where I would start if I was doing SEO for a new website. There is something else you need to do first. Don’t worry though, I’ll answer the question of link building briefly. Here are the Bahamas Phone Number SEO things I will focus on first. Edit the local list I think car rental companies want to attract local businesses. For this reason, make sure you have requested, verified and updated your Google Bahamas Phone Number Business profile. Fill in as much information as possible and make sure to add photos and videos. You can also add frequently asked questions in the Q&A area by posting a question and then answering it as the owner. You should also request, verify, and update your local directory listings, such as Yelp.

Apple Maps and Bing Places to Name a Few Bahamas Phone Number

Bahamas Phone Number

Can use to help you with local listings, including Whit spark and Yet. Check out this article for a full list: 9 Local SEO and List Management Tools. If you have any questions about local SEO, don’t forget to Bahamas Phone Number check out our eBook Local SEO A Well-Defined Guide to Improving Your Local Search Rankings. Also, there are a lot of local SEO experts answering questions on the Local Search Forum. 2. Perform Bahamas Phone Number an SEO Technical Audit This is one of the first things I do when working on a new SEO project – and I explain it by using car metrics. The color, body and trim can be fun. The interior of the car may be free of dirt.

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