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When creating our product, we do not know everything right away – it is mainly the way users use it that determines its functions and appearance. Therefore, although the old dashboard did the job in its time, we decide to change it a bit base on feeback from our customers. Various ideas allowe to create its new, more functional, intuitive and ergonomic version, work on projects. Some elements have been adde, others are in a new place – see what exactly has change 1. Easier audience engagement As our customers are increasingly using Brand24 not only to collect mentions, but also want to respond to them, we have adde a “Reply” button to make it easier.

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It is locate in the lower left corner of the searche entry and is highlighte in green. Screenshot 2016-01-29 13-00-19 2. Intuitive removal of filters Above all whatsapp mobile number list results, we’ve adde a “Clear filtering” button that makes it easy to remove any filters you’ve applie to your mentions. when you add a filter. unname1 3. Easier access to key features To make the dashboard as transparent as possible, we brought to the fore the elements that our clients use most often, and adde the less frequently use ones to the “More” tab Therefore.

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How it can make your job ease

The buttons “Group”, “History”, “Delete” are immeiately visible with each entry, while the other functions, i.e. “Notify by email”, “Block author”, “Visit author’s profile”, “Mark” are locate in drop-down menu. unname3 4. Work faster on all BEB Directory mentions We’ve adde a “Select All” button that helps you easily apply the selecte action to all entries. It is locate to the left of the collective options at the bottom of each results page. Here’s an example of r: unname4 5. More visible interactions and sentiment We’ve also change the location of the interaction and source information.

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