The storytelling which can be translated by the narrative hook in French is a method of communication which consists in telling stories in order to sell a product Cape Verde Email List or a brand image. When we talk about storytelling in a marketing context, we are referring to the use of a narrative structure, a story to support or even replace brand or product arguments. Storytelling is one of the methods of communication, consisting of telling stories . What purpose ? What is his role ? And what exactly is storytelling?  Whether it is taken from a true story or simply from a legend, a story makes it possible to bring the image of a brand or a product closer to its target and to offer it added value.

Be careful, however, not to create a false story so as not to lose the trust of your readers who will be more affected by true, human and local stories. Because our brain is the organ of emotions, when a story is told in writing or orally, it gives rise to our emotions: anger, joy, sadness or even fear. By telling a story about an object or a brand, one then provokes an emotion attached to this product which gives a second breath to the presentation of this one . In addition, product stories that are like scenarios allow the public to identify much more easily with an object or a brand, but also to become attached, which also makes it possible to retain customers.

Do you want to attract new customers?

As digital communication is an opportunity to create and maintain relationships with people. When do we need digital communication and through what channels do we communicate today within companies? The digital communication is a new discipline of communication that designates all trade and information transmitted via any media that offer the digital ecosystem. In the professional field, digital communication then defines the communication strategies and actions that are carried out on the web in order to transmit messages, values ​​or even results that will attract the attention of target Internet users and improve the visibility of the web. ‘a company.



Appearing since the development of the Internet, digital communication is and has always been in constant evolution, following the various changes in uses and technological advances in the digital field. Currently, digital communication uses a lot of network animation  or the moderation of a community  to get messages across. Often confused with digital marketing, and even if the boundaries are increasingly diluted between digital communication and digital marketing , they remain two terms that should not be confused. Indeed, while digital marketing addresses questions of offers and user experiences on the web, digital communication focuses on the interaction between Internet users and businesses.

Digital communication also known

In addition to the distribution channel, the form chosen and then given to the messages sent is also an integral part of the  digital communication strategy . Depending on the type of information to be transmitted, but also the targeted Internet users, the person in charge of digital communication can thus choose to opt for a message in the form of a text, a photograph, an illustration, an animation or a video. Because digital communication is a matter of objectives to be reached and then of strategies to be implemented, depending on this, you can decide to share messages with a small circle of people or to ensure that the information arrives at the as many as possible.

Improve the image of your brand? Promote a whole new service? Depending on your goals,  the appropriate digital communication channels  will not be the same, and may be: To achieve its ultimate goal, which is to attract attention and interact with Internet users, digital communication does not require a large budget to be effective, unlike traditional communication (advertising, press, events, etc. .). Digital communication is ultimately a great vector of opportunities to transmit information about a service / a product / an entity, but also to embellish them. Finally, digital communication greatly facilitates reaching new customers thanks to the simple and rapid interactions it allows.

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