After a few months of efforts at the rate of one optimized publication per week, we managed to position a few articles on the first page of Google. After 48 months of regular Poland Email List publications and 2 redesigns of our site, we have obtained the following results: More than 200 pages positioned on the first page of Google , A presence on the first page of Google on more than 3,800 keywords , More than 2,000 visitors on average per day , … The consequences of this Google SEO strategy are positive: on average 4 new prospects contact us every day. We were also able to achieve unthinkable international sales without our ongoing SEO work. Concrete case on the keyword website redesign.

The text The length and number of words Formatting Fonts and sizes of characters, text justification Typographical rules Punctuation and spaces, upper and lower case letters, graphic abbreviations and acronyms, quotes Hypertext links Backlinks, external links Editorial style The tone used and the vocabulary register must be specified to reach the target audience. The rules of illustration The dimensions of the images The size of the files The name of the files Legends… To conclude, The web editorial charter is a document that should not be overlooked when creating or redesigning a website. Compliance with a web editorial charter ensures effective and quality content. The icing on the cake: an explicit and clear editorial line allows you to assert the identity of your company. Its writing must remain tailor-made to adapt perfectly to your company’s strategy.

What Happiness When Google Brings

Google natural referencing … What are the advantages for your business? For example : Be visible on the web in front of your competitors, develop your business by bringing prospects via your website! mark the minds of Internet users, … The advantages of natural referencing are numerous, to take full advantage of them, here are some reminders and some SEO tips . Google natural referencing 5 The objective of Google natural referencing The Google SEO can allow your company to appear in the top search results on Google. The objective is to appear on keywords that you have targeted that correspond to the products and services that you offer. Investing in a Google natural referencing strategy and optimizing the SEO of your website allows you to be placed in front of your competitors when searching on the Internet. ”


How to optimize your Google natural referencing? The referencing of your website is an investment that will bear fruit provided it is mastered and well executed. To make this investment profitable, it is necessary to build an SEO strategy. Below is an example of a 6-step strategy to optimize the Google SEO of your website. 1. Identify targets Your website must be designed for its users, your prospects, your customers and not for you! This is the challenge of good targeting with the persona method, it allows you to define the target (s). The success of a good Google natural referencing is not only based on a good idea, it must also be based on the study of your target.

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How to target your future customers with the persona method? 2. Define the objectives SEO goals can be diverse and each goal requires a tailored approach. Here are some examples of goals: Generate new prospects, establish your expertise, sell products or services, retain your customers, engage influencers, inform and educate your visitors, … Each objective will be accompanied by a strategy and adapted content. 3. Choose the right keywords This first step is essential for Google natural referencing. It is necessary to target in priority the keywords in phase with your target and your objectives. It is also necessary that these keywords correspond to sufficiently typed queries on the search engines.

You can also target long tail keywords   that will allow you to capture qualified traffic on your website. Keywords: how to choose them well for the referencing of your website? 4. Produce quality and SEO optimized content Once your target has been defined and the keywords chosen, it’s time to produce suitable content. Warning ! Only quality text content is rewarded by search engines. Google’s goal is simple: to provide relevant, high-quality search results for each query entered by an Internet user. What is quality content according to Google? 5. Measure the results obtained For natural referencing, the notion of ROI (Return On Investment)  is measured over the long term, unlike Google AdWords where the ROI can be calculated daily.

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