When the automatic update does not work: the manual update. The automatic update of WordPress. An automatic WordPress update requires. At least a PHP version 5.2.4 for branch 4 of WordPress. The correct permissions to Pakistan Email List allow writing files. (see the WordPress Codex. To update WordPress automatically, all you need to do is. Check the technical prerequisites (PHP version and write rights). Make a backup of your database and your files (to be able to go back). Disable all active extensions. Start the update: Dashboard> Updates> Update automatically. Before starting the WordPress update, check that you have the correct write rights and back up your database and all your files. Update WordPress automatically.

When the automatic update does not work or to revert to an earlier version of WordPress, you will have no other choice but to update manually. The manual update consists of replacing through an FTP client (FileZilla) or SSH access all the unzipped files of the latest version of WordPress (except the WP-content folder and the WP- file config.php which should not be overwritten). Also be careful not to overwrite the wp-images, wp-includes / languages ​​/ (if you are using a translation file) , and the .htaccess file if you have customized it. As with the automatic update, you will need to. Check that your host has the prerequisites and can accommodate this update  (mainly the PHP & MySQL versions requested).


Make a backup of all your files AND don’t forget to back up your database. Disable extensions is recommended because not all extensions are necessarily up to date and can therefore “crash” the entire update. To quickly deactivate all the extensions you can do it by choosing the option “Deactivate” in the drop-down list “Bulk actions”, then by clicking on “Apply”. You can then via your FTP drag & drop and overwrite the old files (except WP-content and WP-config.php) with the new unzipped files of the brand new version of WordPress that you will have previously  downloaded . The ideal is to first delete rather than overwrite, the old files that you want to replace.

There Are 2 Different Methods

If you have to intervene on your Wp-content folder, you will insert new files there, you will never delete them! Once all the new files are in place, you may need to sign in again. If a database update is needed, WordPress will detect it and offer you to click on the following link: http://example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php. You just have to click and follow the instructions. Your database will be updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. You can then reactivate your plugins and browse your freshly updated WordPress. If this fails, how to go back? If your WordPress update fails, you will need to use your backup to revert to the older version.

If your development knowledge is limited, we encourage you to consult the official WordPress site and especially the section on the detailed management of manual file transfer. In conclusion : updating WordPress is an operation that goes well in the majority of cases. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us . Once the update is complete, you will benefit from the latest WordPress features and an enhanced level of security!  Emailing practices are numerous and are integrated into email marketing and more broadly into web marketing. The emailing also said email marketing is a powerful communication lever, it is according to several studies that which ensures the best return on investment, ROI .

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