Are you looking to be more visible on Google and increase your organic traffic? Why use an SEO agency to optimize your SEO? An SEO agency is for a website the Iran Email List equivalent of a preparer for a competition car. For a website, its SEO performance is measured on search engines , for a racing car, it is its position on the finish line. SEO is the acronym for ” Search Engine Optimization “, or optimization for search engines in French. SEO activities consist in improving the positioning of a website on search engines by various optimization techniques. All these SEO specialists are perfectly capable of advancing your website on Google. However, there are two main families of SEO service providers.

Those whose services are mainly focused on auditing, advice and training (SEO experts, SEO consultants, etc.) , they often work alone or with partners. SEO agencies that also offer SEO-oriented development services in addition to SEO consulting and strategy. An SEO agency  often brings together all the expertise necessary to cover all activities related to SEO. As an introduction, an SEO agency or SEO agency masters all techniques and SEO tricks . Its main objective is to increase the visibility of your website on Google. A well-referenced website is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business, both for a BtoC and BtoB business, from the showcase site to the e-commerce site.

Why use a SEO agency?

On the other hand, if your site is badly positioned on Google, it will not be visible and will not perform its function. You will then be required to capture your visitors via AdWords campaigns . To improve your positioning on Google, you can try the experiment with your own resources, with the risk of poor management of your SEO. Ultimately, poor SEO management will be harmful for your website. Indeed, the Internet SEO activity is a profession in its own right. It requires both SEO expertise , field experience as well as monitoring  of search engine developments and  internet user research trends .


The SEO optimization of a site requires multiple skills, with very often several different job profiles (SEO consultant, web editor , developer, web-designer,…),  an SEO agency has all these resources. For an optimal referencing, it is necessary to respect approximately 200 recommendations of Google. In the natural referencing activity, changes in search engines are continuous. It is therefore essential to stay on standby so as not to miss SEO opportunities such as zero position  or the Google AMP format . Natural referencing requires mastery of many tools, some are free ( Google Analytics , Google Search Console.

The mission of an SEO agency and its activities

In the majority of cases, SEO outsourcing is more profitable and more efficient than in-house management. For all these reasons, and especially if you have strong ambitions in terms of SEO, the use of an SEO agency is strongly recommended.The main mission of an SEO agency is therefore to position  your web pages in the first results of Google  on targeted keywords. To improve the positioning of your web pages, an SEO agency will use at least the following levers. The technical optimization of your website (optimization of its structure, its tree structure, loading times, markup, etc.). Optimizing the editorial content of each page through the choice of the right keywords and web writing.

If you do not have any internal resources, you can entrust all aspects of your web referencing to an SEO agency. It’s his job. However, require detailed reports and do not hesitate to set up  regular positioning audits . For example, avoid letting an SEO agency do everything for you, you will have to spend time to get involved. An effective SEO strategy is the result of teamwork between the agency and its client. If you have internal resources dedicated to web marketing, the use of an SEO agency can be temporary, the time to train your teams in the main concepts of SEO. We must not lose sight of the fact that you are in the best position to contribute to the enrichment of your website.

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