Where we were still at the bottom of the list of participation 45 years ago, we now belong to the leading group. This means that the pond from which we can still fish is becoming smaller and smaller. Dealing with the labor shortage in 2022: 5 tips It is clear: your organization has to work harder and harder to attract talent. So work on the shop! But where do Azerbaijan Phone Number you start? We give you a number of tips to ensure that you become an irresistible employer for your ideal candidate. Tip 1. Keep a close eye on the recruitment budget for 2022 We start with the most important tip: keep a close eye on your recruitment budget for 2022.

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The budget turned out to be insufficient and the developments in the market were anticipated too late. We also see this reflected in a dip in the number of unfilled vacancies at municipalities in October. A&O fund municipalities Source: Municipalities A&O Fund The result of insufficient attention and budget for recruitment: 64% of the organizations opt for expensive recruitment & selection, in 53% of the cases the salary is increased and in 28% of the cases they even opt for a lesser candidate.

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It brings us to the following tips. Tip 2. Think from the perspective of the candidate The most important step is thinking from the perspective of the candidate. Especially now you will have to take a good look at who you are actually looking for. A vacancy holder often has a specific idea for the ideal candidate. If you look further into the team, you will see that the picture of what is needed can vary.

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