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The brand image and its definition, The brand image is the representation of a company (or organization, institution) perceived by the consumer. We also use the term “ branding ” to qualify it. The messages related to the brand are disseminated via the Internet, the media, print. The representations conveyed are essentially “mental”.  The dissemination of the message constructed and addressed to a target audience is likely to generate an exchange, reasoning and therefore influence the audience. The brand image is: wanted by the company The company sets itself objectives, intentions and values ​​that it wishes to convey to the public.

What Does It Bring To The Company?

Perceived by the public It corresponds to the representations existing at a given moment in the target population. corporate brand images What are the differences between branding, reputation and notoriety? The terms “brand image” , “reputation” , “notoriety” have very different meanings, while being complementary: The brand image is the image that the company conveys to the public. It results from the characteristics of the product or brand concerned and is influenced by broad advertising campaigns. When the perception of the image of the product is positive, it promotes the marketing of the product and thus argues the practice of high prices.


To influence the consumer, the company must know his mental behavior because each individual has a brand image of his own. The notion of brand image comes into play when the individual wants to use it to meet a need or / and himself to stand out according to his social role. The brand image provokes in the individual an attitude which can be positive because he likes or which can be negative because he does not like. Source: Wikipedia Reputation is the image perceived by the public. Reputation is the way in which something or someone is known and regarded in an audience, feeling a favorable or unfavorable opinion.

Have You Ever Noticed That Certain

It arises from the interpretation of signs, from the message that the individual has received. The brand becomes the receptacle of the projected reputation. One of the main objectives of a company is to control its brand image and to ensure consistency between the true image , the  desired image and the perceived image . Notoriety is the result of showing and what the audience remembers. It is the character of what is notorious and known to a large number of people. Awareness is the measure of the degree of presence of a brand in the minds of individuals. It is the public’s knowledge of a brand.

The notoriety of a brand on the web becomes its level of visibility, as on social networks, on search engines with the referencing of the website, the blog. What about branding and marketing? Reminder on the importance of marketing, Marketing makes it possible to analyze consumer needs and all the means of action used by companies (or agencies or organizations) to influence consumer behavior. The marketing creates value perceived by the customer and adapts the commercial offer and the product of the business to consumer desires. For the brand image to be popular, one (or even more) marketing action (s) is (are) essential.

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