Using an Inbound Marketing strategy is essential for companies that sell to other companies. The use of blogs, social networks, eBooks and other value offers help generate in the consumer a feeling of being understood and dealing with true professionals; which will ultimately translate into sales and customer satisfaction. How does Inbound Marketing work? 1.- Attracting strangers to visit your blog and publications on social networks. This is achieve through the use of keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) such as Google. 2.- Conversion of visitors to followers by obtaining contact information in exchange for a value offer. To do this, Calls-to-Action are use that lead to a Landing Page where the person fills out a form to download the offer.

Closing those followers into customers is when the sale is finally made

The useful tools to achieve this are the CRM and personalize emails. With the use of satisfaction surveys, publication of content of interest. Monitoring of social networks and delivery of gift details. The client will feel happy and will communicate it to his Phone Number Database acquaintances; which will start the cycle again. But what are the benefits of Inbound Marketing for B2B companies. Below we present some of them: Not only does it attract more visitors, it generates sales. Inbound Marketing makes more people know about your company and what you offer. In addition to consulting it to resolve their doubts and concerns. They will be much more willing to buy your product or service. Sales are not cold, they are base on context. By collecting the personal data of your visitors in the form, you will have valuable information to contact them in a personalize.

Delight customers so that they become promoters

The prospect does not feel bombard by sales attempts. They feel understood with the valuable content you offer: Unlike traditional marketing, which is disruptive. Requires large resources, focuses on the company and is annoying to the audience. The inbound BEB Directory strategy is desire by the consumer since they want more information. They are the ones who find you, everything is focus on them and does not require large resources. It’s about being part of the conversation and sharing valuable information. It allows you to calculate the most important metrics for this type of industries (ROI and the cost of customer acquisition). With the use of specialize platforms such as HubSpot it is possible to measure the number of visitors. conversions and customers generate. 

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