Out by your company and specifies what text and visual content has been provided and validated . The message you want to convey through this communication Cuba Email List medium must be clear, explicit and attractive by its text content and its visual. The text content is as important as the visual of your sales brochure . Indeed, the volume and the quality of the contents must be adapted to the medium. The design of the brochure should enhance your content. It is therefore essential to freeze it before the graphic creation step. The mission of the graphic designer will then be to think about a principle of layout of the content and graphic elements. the dominant colors (three maximum) reflecting the visual identity of the company to maintain harmony.

Once the text content and visuals are frozen, the graphic designer submits the result of his creative research to you. It generally results in two proposals for cover accompanied by one or more proposals for the internal pages. Once the layout principle has been validated and all the corrections made, your brochure will be sent to you in different formats. For the project of producing a commercial brochure and even before discussing the design of this communication medium: work in-depth and thoughtfully on its content . The brief of the commercial brochure guides the graphic designer on the artistic direction to take before carrying out his creative research and creating graphic elements.

A do follow link has an attribute

For search engine robots. It plays a crucial role in the context of your natural referencing. The graphic designer’s formatting and layout work begins after all of the content is gathered and validated. The creative brief is an essential document for the successful realization of any communication medium and in particular the design of an advertising brochure . The do follow link is an attribute applied to a hyperlink. Aimed at SEO robots, it is absolutely essential as part of your SEO strategy. The SEO is like a separate country with its own language. We come across, for example, the mysterious expression “link do follow” . But what is it exactly? And why should you pay special attention to it in your blog?


Regarding the do follow link, we speak of an “attribute”. As in grammar, it is therefore an element that expresses a quality, in this case a quality specific to a hypertext link placed in one of your content. In essence, this attribute is there to give cues to search engine bots, so that they know what to do when they come across a link. Concretely, the do follow link is opposed to the  no follow link in that it signals the robots to follow the link in question (while the “no follow” indicates the opposite). This attribute is therefore essential in the context of your natural referencing: a backlink do follow referring to a page of your site will be taken into account by the robots.

Which will help improve its positioning

Via a notoriety benefit. While the same external no follow link will simply be ignored – go around, there is nothing to see! If you want to take advantage of the SEO juice from the sites where your backlinks are posted, it is essential to get only the do follow link. It is the very essence of your linkbuilding strategy that is at stake. Otherwise, you will not benefit from the ranking of the site concerned. There will therefore be no effect on the popularity of your page, nor on its positioning in search engine results. Also note that a do follow link (just like no follow, for that matter) is invisible to Internet users.

They will therefore be prompted to click on it, regardless of the link attribute. You thus gain in ranking, in positioning and in volume of traffic. On the other hand, leaving your own do-follow links is one of the most common SEO mistakes . When you insert external links in your content, it is always recommended to change them to no follow so as not to tell Google robots to follow them – which would cause them to leave your page. In addition, through a do follow link, you help distribute the valuable SEO juice of your content! A do follow link is a link to which the attribute in question is applied. By default, hyperlinks are usually coded in do follow, and should only be changed when it comes to changing them to no follow.

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