Several reasons lead to the graphic redesign of a website which must be an effective communication Burundi Email List tool and accessible to all. The graphic redesign of your website is essential when. It is a change in the appearance and functionality of a website. It involves modifying the theme or the Template of its pages in order to obtain a new professional and ergonomic visual taking new technologies into consideration. Neglecting the appearance of a website is like neglecting the visual identity of your company! And this is particularly why it must be done as quickly as possible when the need arises. And this, before seeing any negative consequences on your online activity.

An interesting function to save energy or to help people with reduced mobility, which however requires the purchase of many compatible equipment that households could no doubt sometimes have been able to do without. The Google Home entertainment system allows direct interactions with applications such as Spotify, Deezer or Netflix. Users can thus access the services of these platforms directly on the speaker or on their television, provided that the latter is equipped with a ChromeCast. In addition to the applications, the Google Assistant allows you to be entertained with various games integrated into the speaker that you can, for example, start by saying: “ OK Google, let’s have fun ”. With Google Home, entertainment also involves listening to any radio station, but also playing videos on Youtube for example.

The graphic redesign of my website

As with all new technology, having fun using Google Home is finally about demonstrating the prowess of artificial intelligence and joking around. Many users then spend time alone or with friends asking silly questions or trick questions to Google Home in order to test its capabilities and find out what is behind the small smart object: Among the favorite functions of users for its practicality on a daily basis, we note. The shopping list is then accessible from the Google Home application on your smartphone in the tab called “Shopping list”. Manage tasks and help you in your daily life. Imagine a speaker capable of replacing the timer in your kitchen, the alarm clock in your bedroom, the calculator on your desk, and even your smartphone for its translation tools or even unit conversion and you get Google Home.


The complicated version: the URL is a universal format designating a resource on the web . The Uniform Resource Locator consists of a series of printable characters in ASCII code (the standard code for exchanging information). Thanks to this global standardization, all addresses on the web are written the same way, no matter what country you are in. Transfer Protocol ) which is found at the beginning of each Internet address. It is a form of universal language. Increasingly, this protocol is becoming more secure and takes the form of “https”. The extension of the domain name . It identifies the country or the type of site. The path . This is a clarification made to help the server to locate the location of the resource, or the “path” that leads to this resource, such as

What is web writing?

There are other elements that make up the URL, but generally invisible and much more technical.E verything is important in a URL. First, the domain becomes, in fact, the name that identifies you on the web (which is why you must use that of your brand): if Chanel presented its products on a site called no one would understand nothing .Then, it is a valuable navigation aid for Internet users , who can easily access a page (for example by copying / pasting a URL in their browser) The simpler the URL, the easier it is to use . For this reason, we frequently use short link generators to simplify things.

Why is it essential for natural referencing? To understand this, we have to come back to one of the basics of SEO . Before a page can be referenced, search engine robots need to read it and therefore find it. For this purpose, they must first identify it … Thanks to the URL , precisely. The URL is what will allow robots to locate pages and crawl them to better index them. And since they don’t intend to do the job on their own (just as the letter carrier has no intention of looking for a recipient if he lacks specific information), they must be given the right route. Thus, if the URL path contains the keywords that clearly identify the page , the robots will be able to work more efficiently.

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