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Ad we have also seen in our data that it has ld to growth in our micro-mobility. the use of e-scooters, e-bikes for the last mile.” Public transport is seen as a partner anyway, with FREE NOW also in Would like to cooperate more closely in the future “We can only hope that the 9-euro ticket is the prelude to more digitization and cooperation in local urban transport,” he hopes. In our new episode, Corporate Payment Insider, you can now hear how Konrad Hädicke imagines the mobile future.

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Why he is convincd that sustainability in particular will play an even more important role in it. Have lots of fun with it!Having good business Latest Mailing Database spend management. managing your own company expenses efficiently, should actually be a given. In the procurement area in particular, it is important to keep a close eye on cash flow at all times. A modern Procure-to-Pay solution will help you with this – and offers numerous other advantages.

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Procurement is particularly affectd by the fact that the payment landscape has changd significantly in the course of digitization: the range of suppliers BEB Directory is now more diverse, is shifting to the online sector and is changing the entire procure-to-pay process. Procure to Pay A procure-to-pay process describes the coordination between the purchasing department and accounts payable. It enables companies to purchase goods and services at a reasonable price and pay for them on time.

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