The next order of business is in tailoring your marketing. Techniques and content accordingly. Let’s say, for instance, that your us-based company. Is promoting the next big cloud-based platform and you. Want to target the african market. Here is a hypothetical example of how and why you may. Need to adapt your content and approach:


The government in south africa has re-introduced. A rota of nationwide electricity rationing – otherwise known as load. Shedding – to help prevent the collapse of the power grid, as supply fails to. Keep up with demand. Alongside a wide range of inconveniences. These daily electricity “blackouts” also cause computer systems to shut down. Data security and protection are at risk as a result. And businesses are in danger of losing any information created. Or uploaded since their last backup.

When designing your content strategy for this market. You’ll need to address these issues. Your marketing content. Should home in on the Belize WhatsApp Number List pain points that frustrate your potential customers and cause. Their business the most trouble. By understanding their problems. You can present your cloud-based platform as a solution. So, in this instance. You would place an emphasis on the automatic backups. Data security and the ability to work from multiple devices that require no electricity to run.

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Widened horizon, narrowed focus

Increased globalisation allows businesses to have a greater impact on their product or message. Globalisation has broadened the horizons of B2B marketing by breaking down the borders between countries and extending the reach to foreign clientele. Access to mass markets can lead to increased sales for businesses, while consumers can benefit from full product variety and competitive pricing.

Though horizons are inevitably widened as a result of globalisation, businesses must be careful to retain a narrow focus in their B2B marketing. When it comes to advertising, marketing, and product development, one size certainly does not fit all.

It’s imperative that businesses spend time getting to know their audience and designing varying strategies to attract the target buyers in each location. To run successful B2B marketing campaigns, brands must always stay up to date with technology innovations, economic trends and competition within the different countries they intend to target.

Like Pandora’s box, globalisation can’t ever be closed or put away. It’s here for good, and it’ll keep changing the way that B2B marketing works. It’s our job as marketers to figure out how we can use it to our benefit.

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