Internet scams range from content plagiarism, fraudulent merchant sites, cloned sites, credit card fraud and fake information. The Web is the preferred playground for Burkina Faso Email List scammers of all kinds. Because they have become commonplace and they affect everyone, learn to detect them in order to protect yourself from them. Fraudulent merchant sites, the most common Internet scam. Better and better realized, fraudulent merchant sites are currently claiming many victims. To protect yourself from it, and not to be fooled, be more careful before transmitting data. And try to spot some indicators that do not mislead. An outdated logo or data. The absence of general conditions of sale and / or legal notices .

You can also consult the opinions of other Internet users, by typing the name of the website concerned followed by the word opinion on your search engine, in order to note possible fraud. Concrete case of a scam by a fraudulent merchant site. Recently, the communication agency Anthe Design, at its expense, encountered a scam on the internet from the fraudulent merchant site which offered discount coupons. Suspicious as to the veracity of their offers that are too good to be true, an Internet user and web project manager named Sandrine LE BRETON then had the right reflex, since she went to check the legal notices of this website.

Web writing or knowing how to write

It is thanks to this verification that she was then able to detect the scam on the Internet and that she discovered that the site had entirely copied / pasted the legal notices from the site of the communication agency Anthe Design in which their domain name was mentioned in particular . Subsequently, Sandrine LE BRETON was able to report the fraud to the Anthe Design agency, as well as to the authorities on the site , which got the better of the scam on the Internet since the fraudulent site was deleted the very next day.


For the communication agency Anthe Design, which saw the content of its site duplicated, this had consequences such as the reception of several calls and emails from people abused by the fraudulent site. A mishap which, in this case, ends well, but which could have gone wrong and in particular tarnished the reputation of the agency. The responses of artificial intelligence according to the different members of the family who have the Google Home application on their smartphones. Able to replace all those everyday objects, like many others, Google Home can quickly become essential for the whole family and push you to put all the old practical objects of your interior in the closet.

Internal and external links that don’t work

Google thus makes this amazing physical virtual assistant to see almost essential from the first use. However, keep a critical eye on its systematic use … If you want to test Google Home, you can buy Google Home from € 59 including VAT on the web. If it contains images for which you do not know the author or the exploitation rights, we strongly advise you to remove them as soon as possible and to seek the best solution available to you so that your site contain images that are in accordance with the author’s rights previously stated. And if you wish to assert your rights in the event of distribution of a photo without explicit authorization on websites other than yours, do not hesitate to contact us.

However, before rushing into a graphics overhaul, it’s important to anticipate and prepare for it to be successful. And so that it doesn’t happen anytime either; especially during the period of full activity.  Available on Android, Iphone, but also on Google Home speakers, Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence. He holds conversations of all kinds  allowing answers to be obtained on just about everything. To use Google Home and wake up Google Assistant, pronounce the keywords “Hey Google” or “ OK Google” , and follow the voice command. Leaving the possibility of thinking aloud, that is to say of hesitating in the voice, Google Home understands any request formulated as such:

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