The analysis of the SEO competition makes it possible to determine which sites are the best positioned on the keywords of your theme. Popularity analysis allows you Jamaican Email Addresses to list and compare your backlinks with those of your competitors, popularity analysis also allows you to. List all your backlinks and follow the trend of your  netlinking , Identify the backlinks gained and lost during your linking campaigns, Analyze the evolution of the number of binding sites, Monitor the quality of your backlinks and the diversity of anchors, Avoid the sanctions of the Google Pinguin filter , Compare your notoriety and your linking with your competitors, Calculate the value of your links  (Link juice) ,

Generate tailor-made linking reports, Find backlinks by analyzing those of your competitors. For this popularity analysis, you will need to connect SeeUrank to Google Search Console and Majestic SEO or Ahrefs if you have a license. SEO performance auditing is the feature we use most often on SeeUrank. It allows you to regularly monitor the evolution of the positioning of your site on search engines on a large number of keywords. Control your international positioning on Google, Geolocate your positioning audit for local SEO , Check your exact positioning on your generic keywords and on the long tail , Analyze your SEO performance on search via Smartphone,

With Seeurank’s Seo Competition

Compare your positioning with that of your competitors, Analyze the positioning of your competitors, Calculate your overall positioning on search engines, Obtain the search volumes for your keywords, Group your keywords by theme, Identify the best performing pages on your site, Establish the relationship between your positioning and SEO traffic measured via  Google Analytics , Weight your keywords, Identify keywords with significant potential in terms of SEO traffic, Automate your positioning audits and share your reports in PDF or Excel format (via a dashboard with Seeurank Cloud), …The SeeUrank indexing module allows you to follow the evolution of the indexing of the different pages of your website on Google, Yahoo / Bing and Ask.


Control the indexing of the pages of your site, Analyze the number of pages present and absent on the various search engines, Follow the evolution of the number of pages indexed on search engines, Monitor the indexing of new pages and the deindexing of redirected pages ( 301 redirection ) , Track the indexing of your pages following a  website redesign , Identify indexing problems on your site, SeeUrank allows you to automate your SEO reports by scheduling the execution of the various audits at the desired frequency. It is also possible to schedule the transmission of SEO reports by email or FTP. With SeeUrank Cloud, it is even possible to share with your customers a link to a personalized dashboard accessible online.

Detect The Arrival Of A New Actor On Your

It is a discipline that aims to analyze and influence the needs of consumers to adapt the offer and develop sales. Philip Kotler , professor of marketing strategy and international marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago and author of several books, defines him as. At the same time the activity, the whole of the institutions and the processes emptying to create, communicate, deliver and exchange the offers which have value for the customers, the consumers, the partners and the society at large. Under the pressure of the market and the competition, marketing obliges the company to always do better than the last time for the needs of the customers and the development of its offer. It brings together a set of analysis methods and tools suitable for.

orient the company towards the most promising markets, guide the development of future offers in terms of products and services, support commercial action for current offers. It plays a major role in the success of the company’s present and future products and services in its various markets and in the face of competition. Its objective, for a company, is to act on the market and to win the offer over its competitors. It encompasses several methods and tools serving the company’s strategy. The term “marketing”  has been translated into French with the words: marketing and merchandising, expressions finally abandoned.

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