has been supported by a few blogger contributors. We share knowledge, experiences, ideas and views on topics relevant to our business. Our goal: the publication of a weekly article on different themes around the web and accessible to all. From a few dozen visitors per month in 2012, the blog now welcomes more than 100,000 visitors Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists month! More than 450 articles published and classified in several categories The web and around the web , all articles on the web world, The creation of websites , articles on the creation of websites, the specifications in the cost of a website , Marketing , all about BtoB , BtoC marketing , … Print , everything from business cards to sales brochures ,


SEO , to know everything about SEO … Social networks , all articles about social networks, Webdesign , all articles on design and web-design , Some articles exceed 100,000 reads! Do you also want to share knowledge, your vision of the web, experiences? So get started! Some tips for becoming a contributor Set a goal What topic do you want to cover in your article? If the topic is too broad, write a series of articles and remember to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Define a plan List the essential points you want to cover in your article and start with the headlines and subheadings.

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They must be short and punchy in order to arouse the curiosity of Internet users. Writing follows the flow of your thought Write as if you were speaking, don’t interrupt the flow of your ideas. Use examples and illustrate your words. Proofread and correct your article Take the time to proofread to correct spelling and grammar mistakes and reformulate your sentences if necessary for better understanding. Do not ” copy / paste ” an article from another website. Optimize your article We will indicate on the administration console tags to the titles to prioritize your content and improve SEO .

The < h1> tag is used for the title. The < h2> and <h3> tags are generally used for subtitles. Also do not hesitate to use lists, italics, underlines, bold. Also think about the keywords of your article! These words are frequently typed into the Google search bar. The photos are to be chosen with care to provide added value! They are also positioned on Google. We will insert links to another article for example or to the website. The link will be consistent with your content and related to the topic dealt with. How to conclude your article? The conclusion is a summary of the elements of your article highlighting what to remember from the article, while offering an opening to your audience. So …

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Do you want to contribute to the AntheDesign blog ? You can submit your article to us and as soon as it is published, your portrait will join the other contributors ! interoperability between all browsers and compliance with XHTML and CSS standards, a publication chain (workflow) allowing the content of documents to be put online, compatibility with current standards of trackbacks and pings which allow articles to be linked to each other, compatibility with the Ping service provided by Ping-O-Matic, SEO-Friendly website creation ( natural referencing optimization ), easy administration of users, their attributes and permissions allowing many authors to publish on the same site (administrator, contributor, etc.).

SEO-Friendly Why is WordPress a leader? WordPress is not the only CMS on the web, it is one among others (Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3,…) . So why him? With its many features, it is rather intended for experienced users with a minimum of knowledge of content management systems. WordPress is still frequently used by web agencies so that their clients can manage their website themselves thanks to a very clear administration console, the profusion of menus and its possibilities in terms of configuration can put off the most users. neophytes. seo Experienced users, on the other hand, exploit all the possibilities of WordPress and turn a blog into a real showcase site, a portfolio or even an e-commerce site. Its versatility is a serious asset compared to its competitors.

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