You’ll have a broader view of their main particularities

The profile of people using them, and the kind of content that works better on each one. Facebook Facebook is still the most used social network in the world: around 2,9 billion users are active monthly. So, it is naturally the You’ll have a broader one with the biggest reach for brands. But there is a growing perception that Facebook is being left aside by younger generations.

Who are migrating to more visual platforms

Such as Instagram and TikTok. While many groups converge on Facebook, the C Level Contact List network is used mostly by adults: Generation X (born between 1960 and 1980) and Millennials (born between 1980 and 1995). But Facebook isn’t just a social network. It is a great platform for business, with features aimed at companies. It is possible to post content in multiple formats, receive and manage messages easily, get user scores, stream live events, etc. If you produce relevant content, aimed at your persona, and with adequate frequency, reaching more organic traffic is very doable. But it is also true that your organic reach is limited. In 2020, the average reach for organic posts on Facebook (in relation to the total of followers) was 5.17%. It was 6% in 2019 and the number doesn’t stop falling. On the other hand, the percentage of pages using paid media is growing, as you see below. Facebook page reach benchmarks Source: We Are Social So, to take advantage of Facebook’s full potential, it is important to also invest in ads.

Instagram Instagram was the first

C Level Contact List

Facebook Ads is a powerful tool for marketing, with a lot of resources for segmentation and campaign goals. It is even possible to advertise websites from partners, not just inside the BEB Directory network. You can also develop a strategy for Facebook Groups that gather people with common interests.

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