Feedback on an “opportunistic” peak in organic traffic The origin of the peak in traffic On September 01, 2015, the famous search engine Google presented its new logo Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List between 5 and 6 p.m. Google signals the change of its logo with an animation on its page. Millions of Internet users are discovering a new version of a logo “live” that is part of the daily life of a large majority of French people. (Google captures 95% of the search market in France). new-google-logo-09-2015New version of the Google logo on 09/01/2015 Internet users’ reaction When the logo is changed and for a few hours, all French Internet users discover the new Google logo.

I guess the reactions of Internet users to this discovery were certainly very different: Those who simply passed by, Those who didn’t care, Those who have watched the entire animation, And finally those who wanted to know more. The peak in organic traffic on our site concerns Internet users who wanted to know more about the new logo and its history. History of the google logo: The request behind the peak audience The query history of the google logo is therefore at the origin of the peak of organic traffic on our site on September 01, 2015, it is also by far the most typed request by our visitors. Capture-Search-Console-Search-AnalysisGoogle Search Console: Search analysis – organic traffic.

The Consequences Of The Presence

Organic traffic 1,532,531 impressions and 12,445 clicks on the query “history of the google logo”, 02 minutes and 38 seconds  spent on average on the page:  Do you know the history and evolution of the Apple, Google and Lacoste logos? 4,402  impressions on the request  “evolution of the google logo”, Our site captured a small share of total traffic with an average CTR of 0.84% ​​for an average position of 6.3, this low click-through rate is linked in my opinion to two factors: An unoptimized meta description , the meta is linked to the title and theme of the article, it was not written to anticipate the change of Google’s logo.


and visibility of Google is well established! Internet is a formidable vector of communication, The French are curious: the query “history of the google logo” was typed more than 1,500,000 times in a few hours, as many people have therefore interrupted their respective activities to educate themselves. The word history wins over the word evolution, 12,445 Internet users read an article published in 2014 on our blog, the topic of the article was the evolution of logos. The anthedesign site is very well referenced 🙂 Organic traffic directly linked to natural referencing , The server ran well, more than 7,000 visitors in 1 hour. Finding the queries that Internet users type is never easy.

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Tools and methods make it possible to choose relevant keywords to optimize the referencing of a website (intuition, keyword generators, the persona method, Google Trends, etc.) . The majority of these tools are based on collected databases, so it is almost impossible to determine precisely with its tools the queries that will type Internet users upon discovering the new Google logo. Even predictive SEO techniques in anticipation of future events would not have made it possible to anticipate this request. Only a posteriori decryption makes it possible to analyze the behavior of Internet users, this type of event is very informative and confirms our SEO strategy on the long tail .

The natural referencing of our site ensures us a constantly growing organic traffic and some interesting traffic peaks. Don’t underestimate the importance of spelling on the net! ZEN READING internet-spellingUpdated April 19, 2021 The quality of your written communication (spelling) is essential for your business. The communication written your main vector for transmission over the Internet, your website, your blog, your emails … To the question: Are you aware of spelling errors? 93.6% of French people answer YES! An excellent reason to be vigilant about the spelling quality of your writing. spelling-errors surveyPoll conducted by the daily Midi Libre.

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