Honey for bees. Pikachu for pokemon go-ers. Ironic glasses for hipsters some things are known attractants. But when you want to appeal to the omnichannel customer this holiday season. The variety of channels available to you can seem overwhelming. Why choose when you can combine? It turns out that the key to winning the hearts. And money of omnichannel shoppers is using a multichannel strategy. Let’s see how you can most effectively combine shopping campaigns with. Seo best practices and emerging voice search trends to gain a giant advantage. This holiday season – not just in terms of short-term profitability. But more importantly. Again, to increase the overall customer lifetime value.

What do we know about omnichannel shoppers? Omnichannel

What do we know about omnichannel shoppers? Omnichannel shoppers are people who search and buy both online and offline through a variety of channels and devices. Not only do these people form a growing segment of our target audience, but they also represent the Australia WhatsApp Number List largest spending group. Savvy advertisers know that the key to lasting profitability (and bonuses!) is to tap into that valuable audience. Data compiled by Microsoft (my employer) reveals three main key characteristics of this audience:They have a short attention span. Shoppers quickly make trade-offs between price, discounts, delivery method, shipping costs, relative quality, ease of return, and many other factors to determine which channel to buy from. They are independent of the channel. The channel that offers the best combination of convenience, value, and security wins its business.

They spend more Deloitte’s research found that shoppers who visit stores

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They spend more. Deloitte’s research found that shoppers who visit stores, online and mobile destinations expect to spend 75% more than those who shop only in stores. Given how easily these shoppers are distracted – and with brand loyalty trumped by convenience and value – advertisers will need to be more strategic about when and how to grab their attention. Combining PPC strategies with additional channels yields the best results.



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