How to Copy Contacts Number from Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily communication, and one of its most useful features is the ability to create and participate in groups. WhatsApp groups allow people to stay connected and share information efficiently. However, there might be situations where you need to copy contact numbers from a WhatsApp group. Whether you want to save the numbers for personal use or for professional purposes, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Open WhatsApp and Access the Group

Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and navigate to the group from which you want to copy the contact numbers. If you India WhatsApp number data are not already a member of the group, you will need to join it first to view the members’ contact information. Once you are inside the group, tap on the group name at the top of the chat window to access the “Group Info” page. On this page, you will find details about the group, including the list of participants.

View Group Participants

Whatsapp Number List

Scroll down through the “Group Info” page to view the list of participants in the group. WhatsApp will display the names of the group members along with their profile pictures (if available). To copy the contact numbers, you will need to manually select each number and copy it to your clipboard. Here’s how you can do it:


Long-press on a contact’s name, and a menu will appear. Select “Copy” from the menu to copy the contact’s number to the BEB Directory clipboard. Repeat this process for each contact you want to save. Tap on a contact’s name to open their profile. Then, tap on the contact’s phone number to bring up the options. Choose “Copy” to copy the number to your clipboard. Repeat this for other contacts as needed.


Copying contact numbers from a WhatsApp group is a straightforward process that involves accessing the group information and manually copying the numbers to your clipboard. Remember to be considerate of others’ privacy and use the information responsibly. WhatsApp’s group feature provides a convenient way to stay connected, and with these steps, you can easily access and utilize the contact numbers shared within the group for your personal or professional needs.

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