The times given above are in the Pacific time zone. So take into account that we regularly schedule posts from 3-9AM (Pacific Time Zone) to reach a larger audience. You can use the same strategy to figure out the best time frame and start posting variations between those two hours to find your sweet spot. You can also try posting during off-peak hours to see if you can do some hidden activity there. I recommend experimenting with for a few weeks before developing a solid Facebook publishing strategy. Fun read: How to create a Facebook strategy for a global audience Learn from your previous success articles.

Basic Functions of Website Monitoring Services

The Posts section of Facebook Insights has another cool feature below the When Fans Are Online graph. post publish Note – the timezone shown above is in IST The All Published Posts section contains a wealth of informative sections for evaluating the performance of your individual posts. you understand Release time and date Post type Organic/paid Armenia Phone Number coverage Participation You’ll have to do some digging by hand , but this will help you understand the best type of content to post at a given time. What do we find out from this data? Consistent with the findings above, we found that our posts gained more engagement and reach between the 6:9 AM (PST) time slots . Since our audience is in the PST time zone, it is clear that they prefer to engage with our page before starting work.

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Top Website Design Mistakes

But it’s best to test a large number of variables before making any conclusions about the best type, date, and time. Strategy 2 – Find relevant dates for each post. Each piece of content has its own associated time and moment. For example, a fashion brand won’t release a new winter clothing line at the start of summer. Now this goes without saying. But sometimes your general content also has some hidden relevant time. Using Facebook analytics data, you can start A/B testing the same content at different times to see when it’s most effective to serve your audience. Test the Best Posting Times with the Facebook Scheduling

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