Mixture of satisfaction and risk aversion Monocultural communication agencies are often driven. By a mixture of satisfaction and risk aversion: everything is going well, isn’t it? Why would we want to change that Bahrain Phone Number? The Netherlands has a growing multicultural community. With increasing prosperity. In the Randstad sometimes forty percent of the residents are colored. This is not about colour. But about culture: more attention to and knowledge of the environment of the target groups you want to reach. Letting a desk move along with this flow does not happen automatically, because people mirror.

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Change requires a conscious policy, it will not happen by itself. A diverse team is more fun Finally, a more diverse team is simply more fun than a team with like-minded people. The conversations. The dynamics, the ability to see and learn from each other, that’s all you get with that colleague who has a different color, culture, religion or custom. And you bring more party into your house: holi, hanukkah, sugar fest, rosh hosanna, keti koti. Bring on that cake! There is no room for pessimism.

Bahrain Phone Number
Bahrain Phone Number

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Virgill Olvira knows that feeling. He responds under the article, we call him. He, an enthusiastically speaking Surinamese Dutchman, has gone through all those phases. Now he has his own agency, which is call Mindset Media for a reason. “Because that’s what it’s about: how is your mindset in a world that is so diverse, how do you deal with people who are different. And how much room is there really to be yourself – and to stay?” Is someone of color in an environment that is dominantly white so difficult?

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